That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 346

Who Would He Choose?

Fear gripped Josie as she instinctively stepped back, “So, it was you all along! You conspired with
Claire to smear my name!”

“Took you long enough to realize. Tsk. I wonder why Dexter would fall for an idot like you!”

Ivy said while forcefully pushing Josic, causing her to trip and fall to the ground, leaving a bloody mark
on her scraped elbow.

Josie felt a burning sensation in her elbow. She bit her lips and glared at Ivy. “Why did you do this?
Even if Dexter has no feelings for you, you can stay by his side as his personal assistant. Isn’t that

“No! No! It’s all because of you! It’s your fault!” Wielding a hemp rope in her hand, Ivy ruthlessly
assaulted Josie.

“If it weren’t for you, Dexter wouldn’t have sidelined me! Josie Warren, you’re good at your deceitful
and despicable antics!”

Tears welled up in Josie’s eyes as the pain in her wounded elbow intensified. She took a sharp breath,
realizing that Dexter had removed Ivy from her role. It now made sense why Ivy had become so

“Have you ever thought that your repeated boundary-crossing led him to make that decision? You
betrayed his trust, and that’s why things turned out like this. No one forced you to make those choices!”

Ivy’s fixation and infatuation with Dexter sent chills down Josie’s spine.

Josie’s confrontation stirred up Ivy’s anger. A cruel smirk formed on Ivy’s face as she retorted, “We
were always in sync, like soulmates. No one in this world understood each other better than us. But
ever since. you came, everything changed…”

Ivy’s demeanor and words revealed her unraveling state, with her head shaking frantically and her
body swaying uncontrollably.

“It was you! It was you who took away his love for me!”

Ivy’s voice echoed through the room as she relentlessly lashed at Josie with the hemp rope. Beads of
sweat rolled down Josie’s face from the intense physical torment.

Ivy turned away, her gaze fixed on the lush trees outside. She sighed and reminisced. “I remember I
first. met Dexter; it was spring. He asked if I wanted to be his assistant with a charming smile.”

A tender smile graced Ivy’s lips as she recalled that moment. “I know deep in my heart that we would
end up with each other if things had gone as planned. But you… Josie Warren! You robbed him away
from me!”

Josie’s eyes remained cold and unwavering. “You’re delusional.”

“No, you’re the one who’s delusional!” Ivy’s disheveled hair added to her frenzied appearance as she
squatted down, forcefully gripping Josie’s face.

“Why do you think he asked you for the recording pen? It was to protect me, Josie. Between you and
me, he chose me!”

Who Would He Choose?

“Stop fooling yourself. He would never like you!”

Undoubtedly, this incident left a deep emotional wound in Josie’s heart. However, deep down, she
knew Dexter didn’t do that to protect Ivy.

Ivy simply didn’t hold enough significance in Dexter’s life.

Josie’s words triggered a wave of anger within Ivy. She forcefully pushed Josie away, a sneer forming
on her face. Today, I want to see if you truly matter to him!”

Confusion and worry filled Josie’s mind. What did Ivy mean? Had she told Dexter about their

Josie turned her gaze towards Summer, who was forced to kneel nearby. A sense of dread washed
over her, “What are you going to do to us? Why involve an innocent person in our grievances?”

“Well, she’s not just anyone,” Ivy remarked, lifting Summer’s pale face with the tip of her high-heeled

“Let’s see if Dexter will choose you over her. Or vice versa.”

Josie’s thoughts raced in chaos. Ivy had gone insane, resorting to extreme measures!

“But she’s the only daughter of the Olsen family. You ought to pay with your life if anything happens to


“Do you think I still bother about my life at this point?” Ivy retorted, her voice filled with determination.

Desperate, Josie ignored the pain in her body and shouted, “Wake up! Wake up, Summer!”

But Summer remained motionless. Ivy gloated, saying, “Don’t bother. I drugged her. She won’t wake up
anytime soon.”

“Ivy! No!”

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