That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 352

Didn’t Recognize Him

Anderson let out a sigh, crossed his arms, and fixed his gaze on Dexter, pondering the mysterious
depths of his character. Dexter was an enigma.

As an executive of the influential Russell Group and a prominent figure in the country. Dexter was
known for his exceptional strategic planning skills. Since his early twenties, he had earned a formidable
reputation, instilling fear in both allies and adversaries. Dexter possessed remarkable competence and
charm, attracting the attention of both men and women. He was indeed a force to be reckoned with.

Anderson couldn’t help but be perplexed by the fact that Dexter had managed to captivate the
unwavering devotion of three women to the point where they were willing to put their lives on the line
for him.

It was mind-boggling!

Josie remained unconscious for two days, oblivious to the events unfolding around her.

During that time, the necessary procedures were carried out without any interruptions. When the police
arrived, Arnold willingly handed over the gun cooperatively, “The gun was legally obtained from the
shooting range.

After a thorough inspection, the police decided not to pursue the matter further.

The police targeted to review the surveillance footage and address the public’s anxieties.

Arnold’s tone was curt. Seated in a wheelchair, he turned to Dexter, who had just finished giving his
statement, “If there are any issues, I’ll take care of them.”

Without explicitly mentioning Summer or Josie, Dexter knew who he referred to.

Josie slowly emerged from her unconscious state, awakening to the soft twilight. The gentle glow of
light caressed her face, unveiling an unfamiliar environment. Every slight movement sparked sharp
pangs in her shoulders.

Dexter’s injury had received treatment, while his demeanor exuded a distant and detached air, like a
solitary snow-capped peak, evoking a sense of abandonment.

The woman resting on the bed resembled a delicate porcelain doll, her beauty still evident despite her

Dexter longed for her vibrant and spirited self, like a flustered kitten baring its claws.

His voice softened. Leaning closer, “Are you awake?”

Josie stared at him intently, blinked with innocence, and asked, “Who are you?”

Dexter glanced at Anderson beside him, questioning his medical expertise.

Anderson appeared puzzled, “Is something wrong?”

The man’s tone turned cold, “Amnesia?”

Anderson looked at Josie and replied, “It doesn’t add up. The wound is on her body. What does it have

do with her memory?”

Josie bombarded them with a barrage of questions, “Who are you guys? Why am I here? Why am I

Furrowing his brow, Anderson asked Josie, “Are you sure you haven’t seen this man before

Josie met Dexter’s intense gaze, shaking her head in confusion. Dexter leaned closer, his fingers
delicately touching her face. With a piercing stare, his fingers trailed down to her chin, firmly gripping it.

“Josie,” he said, his gaze unwavering. “you don’t recognize me, do you?”

Josie’s eyes were clear and fearless. She struggled to speak, “You’re so intense.”

Dexter loosened his grip slightly but soon tightened it again, a hint of mockery on his lips. “Is that so?
Maybe I should reconsider your father’s treatment.”

The newly awakened woman grew agitated in an instant.

She kicked her legs, fighting to break free from Dexter’s hold. “Let go of me, you jerk! Leave me alone!”

As Josie had hoped, Dexter let go of her, stood upright, and observed her frantic efforts with a
nonchalant expression as if she were merely an insignificant ant. Tears streamed down Josie’s face,
mingling with her messy hair.

The last moments before losing consciousness replayed in her mind. Josie felt a sense of regret,
realizing that instead of fleeing, she had stayed to witness the chaos. She had always been cautious
and valued her life, yet she consciously decided to stay… What on earth was she thinking? Had she
lost her mind?!

Her chest rose and fell heavily, causing the wound to throb unbearably. She tried to compose herself,
though tears continued to stain her cheeks.

All the time Anderson had known Dexter, he had never seen a woman speak to him so boldly. Josie
was definitely throwing caution to the wind.

Dexter glanced at Anderson, prompting him to quickly shift his demeanor. Anderson gently tucked
Josie in and spoke with tenderness, “Please calm down. Let’s prioritize healing your injuries for now.”

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