That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 341

Not That Simple

Josie’s hand froze as she dared not move. She pulled her hand back awkwardly. “That… I wasn’t doing
anything. There was something on your neck. I was cleaning it…”

It was evidently a lie.

Dexter bore his eyes into her.

She felt on edge and instinctively moved back, away from him. He snatched her arm and flipped it

side up.

“It looks like you’re so bored that you not only went to nurse him but even donated your blood,” he
scoffed. A trace of anger was heard in his voice.

Josie could not argue back as she turned her head away. “Saving a life has far more value than

memorials for the dead.”

“You’re just hell-bent on going against me, isn’t it?” His response was swift as he forcibly turned her
head to face him.

“Is it wrong for me to find my own means to survive, Dexter?”

She stared back and replied calmly. She would face him if that was what he wanted.

The man’s eyebrows quirked.

She tried to get away from him. “You told me you thought of Summer as your sister. Tell me, Dexter, is
it still the same now?”

It took a lot of courage for her to ask the question, as it meant that she still had expectations of him.

Dexter noticed it, and the darkness behind his eyes dissipated. He released his grip. “It’s not that
simple about Summer. Not only me but even Arnold does not have the liberty to make a choice.”

Josie nodded silently as she understood him. She crawled into the bed and buried her face into the
pillow. “I want to sleep. Do whatever you want.”

A deafening silence fell upon the place.

She drifted in and out of her sleep. Her heart sank when she woke up and felt the coldness next to her.
She stepped out of the bed and headed to the door.

She did not like wearing slippers indoors. Her bare feet made no sound on the floor. She nudged the
door open slightly, vaguely hearing Dexter’s voice, It seemed even colder in the night.

“Not laying hands on women and children, prioritizing morality in everything you do. Even Hades would
want to help you…”

“Is it not embarrassing with me guiding your people in the things you do? How useless. Aren’t you just
wasting my time with these so-called ethics and morals wasting away in you?”

He spoke slowly with sharp words.

A shiver ran down Josie’s spine. Not wanting to be involved in Dexter’s world, she turned to leave.

But her legs refused to move as they were rooted to the spot.

“Have I not told you who you can and cannot touch in my family? It’s been a while since I’ve made a
move. Don’t make me do it because of one woman. It will be ugly for everyone involved.”

Dexter was the president of Russell Group, but he had countless other identities.

There was a time when he did not appear much in public. As a result, some believed he had kicked the

Some of his enemies targeted Dexter’s people. They kidnapped the person to Spain, thinking that they
were safe. They never expected Dexter’s man to chase them down throughout the night. Some of the
most skilled in the world were even willing to risk themselves for Dexter as they relentlessly pursued
the kidnappers. The incident served as a deterrent.

When they saved the kidnapped person, the kidnappers disappeared from the ends of the earth.

The news traveled all over the world. From then on, no one dared to make a move against Dexter’s

Josie could have left without alerting him, but she knocked into something while walking away.
Immediately, Dexter turned in her direction.

“Who is it?”

Exasperated, she shut her eyes.

She pushed the door open with a blank expression. “I can’t sleep and wanted to go for a walk. Are you
not going to bed yet?”

Dexter hardly slumbered as he had trouble falling asleep.

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