That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 350

In This Together

Ivy grinned with satisfaction, loosening her grip slightly. But just then, Dexter, facing the other way.
abruptly turned around and charged toward them.

He swung his leg, landing a powerful kick right in Ivy’s vulnerable spot.

Ivy’s face instantly paled, and in that moment of pain. Dexter swiftly seized the opportunity.
overpowering her and pinning her to the ground.

The knife clattered to the ground.

His movements were fluid and precise. On this hand, Josie was relieved. She quickly crawled away,
gasping for breath as she observed the unfolding scene.

Dexter firmly restrained Ivy, catching her off guard with agility and speed. In a panic, Ivy shouted to the
guard. “Push her down!”

The guard, hearing her command, promptly moved to cut the rope. Fearing for her life, Summer cried
out, “Dex!”

Josie’s instinct kicked in, and despite her injuries weighing her down, she leaned forward, desperately
wanting to save Summer.

Fortunately, the rope was too thick to be severed immediately. Dexter’s expression shifted dramatically.
and he swiftly rose to his feet, rushing towards Summer. Josie could only watch helplessly as he
decisively left her side.

Suddenly, a commotion erupted outside.

Arnold had arrived, wielding a gun from his wheelchair. In one swift motion, he disabled the guard by
shooting his leg, preventing him from cutting the rope that held Summer.

However, she was already teetering on the edge, ready to fall with the slightest movement.

Josie fixated her gaze on the unfolding scene.

Just as Summer was about to plummet, Dexter lunged forward, grasping her wrist. Gravity pulled
against them, his body scraping against the rough ground, nearly being dragged down.

Summer looked up at Dexter, her voice shaky. “Dex.”

“Hang on!” Dexter clenched his teeth, veins bulging on his neck. “Summer, you have to hold on.”

Amid the chaos, Arnold’s men were still locked in combat with the remaining guards, leaving Dexter
without immediate assistance.

Following Ivy’s command, the injured guard grabbed a wooden stick and mercilessly swung it toward
Dexter’s shoulder and neck, aiming to kill him.

“Dodge!” Josie cried out, her voice reaching Dexter’s ears. He swiftly turned his head, narrowly
avoiding the deadly strike.

However, the guard showed no mercy. Relentlessly, he unleashed a barrage of brutal strikes upon
Dexter’s immobile leg, each piercing Josie’s heart like a knife.

Sweat dripped down Dexter’s forehead as the pain surged through his body. His strength was depleting

Even Summer, trembling beside him, shook her head. “Let go, Dex. Just let go of me.”

Dexter emitted a furious roar without uttering a word in response.

“Just let go!” Summer pleaded, her voice filled with anguish.

“I’ve been nothing but a burden all this time. I’ve loved you wholeheartedly, but my love was never
reciprocated. Dex, all I ever wanted was to see you happy. So, even if I die, don’t blame yourself, and
please live a fulfilling life.

“Quit with the doomsday talk, Summer! We’re in this together, okay?” Dexter’s words strained through
his gritted teeth.


Dexter and Summer looked like a couple on the brink of separation in life or death. Josie couldn’t help
but feel anxious and moved by their intense emotions.

“Hold on tight!” Dexter grabbed onto the rough wall, leaving bloody smears behind.

“Quick!” Arnold shielded his wound, propelling the wheelchair with one hand while gripping the gun, his
gaze fixed on the guard behind Dexter. He squinted and sidelined a shot at the hand holding the
wooden stick.

The guard went down in a tumble, completely immobilized.

With no more obstacles, Dexter breathed a small sigh of relief. Clenching his teeth, he mustered every
ounce of his strength to haul Summer up.

Eventually, they both collapsed on the ground, gasping for air, and everyone around breathed a sigh of

Summer clung to Dexter at that moment, a mix of anxiety and joy in her voice, “Dex, I thought I was
going to die…”

The disheveled and breathless man grinned in relief, having escaped the clutches of death, as he
gently caressed her head, “We made it. We’re safe now.”

Josie’s smile slowly faded, and a somber expression replaced it.

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