That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 333

She Has Cared for You the Past Two Days

“You must be his family, then. The nurse continued.

“What makes you think so?”

The nurse stretched her legs and gave a simple reason. “You were so anxious yesterday, so I thought
you were either his girlfriend or a family.”

“I guess you could say we’re enemies. Tll be aggrieved if he just dies like this Josie answered half-

The nurse stared at her for a while before chuckling mischievously. “Is it a love-hate relationship?”

Josie turned away and did not answer.

Before leaving, the nurse remarked, “The hospital director personally performed the surgery, so I could
tell he’s a big shot. He’s admitted to the ICU as a precaution, but his life is not at risk. I heard that the
director and the department heads have had several meetings to discuss his cond

The nurse said so to reassure Josie but didn’t expect an indifferent response from her. “He’s not gonna
die anyway,” Josić said.

As the president of the Carter Group, Arnold held the fate of many in his hands. If he died, it would -
definitely cause a substantial uproar.

Josie decided she should not make Dexter aware of this matter.

When Arnold regained consciousness, his first instinct was to take a deep breath, but he felt a piercing
pain in his body as soon as he exhaled.

His mind was in a mess. He had had several dreams – all of them were about Josic. He dreamed of the
scene when the car accident happened. In the dream, he fell into the river and was stuck in the car. No
one was there to save him. A bloody smell gushed into his nose as his blood flowed into the water.

Arnold opened his eyes and turned to see the rain outside the window.

In fact, he had awakened before this, but he wasn’t conscious. So, he was transferred to a VIP ward.

He was surprised when he saw Josie sleeping by his bedside. The woman looked weary and was in a
deep sleep. Her long eyelashes cast a shadow below her eyes.

Arnold thought he was still in a dream, so he closed his eyes again but fell asleep unconsciously.
Nonetheless, Josie did not appear again in his dream this time.

When he woke again, the first person that came into sight was still Josie. She was awake and was
sitting on the couch, reading a magazine.

Only then did Arnold realize he wasn’t dreaming, but he couldn’t move.

Hearing Arnold’s groan, Josie lifted her head and met his gaze. She stood up and walked over to the
be adjust the flow rate of the IV drip. “What brings you here?” Arnold asked in a gentle tone.

Josie examined him and sighed. “Thanks to you.”

“Why did you go street racing?”

She Has Cared for You the Past Two Days

“Why are you here?” Arnold continued asking.

Just then, Andy brought the doctor in, so Josie stopped answering Arnold. Arnold shot a fierce glare at
Andy as if he was rebuking him for entering the ward at an inappropriate time.

The doctor, who was the hospital’s director, carefully examined Arnold’s condition while the latter wore
a straight face and occasionally glanced toward the outside.

The nurse who came with the doctor was disturbed to see Arnold’s expression. After the doctor left,
she told Arnold, “Don’t make her angry. She has cared for you the past two days and barely ate.”

Arnold lifted his brows in surprise and looked at Andy, who was standing at the side. Andy touched his
nose and nodded in agreement.

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