That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 339

An Unexpected Visit

Dexter drew close to Josie and growled menacingly, “Why are you running away? Huh?”

Josie struggled to break away from him and retorted, “Why are you coming after me?”

Dexter tightened his grip on her wrist. “The cat that I raised is trying to escape. How can I not go after


Josie glanced at the surroundings. Their location was remote, so no one could help her, even if she
yelled for help.

“You don’t need the cat anyway. You have no right to say that.”

“What if she tries to bite back at me?”

Josie glared deadly at Dexter and bellowed with red-rimmed eyes. “What if you’re the one who’s
pushing her to the edge?” Dexter released her slightly after seeing her expression.

Feeling nauseated, Josie couldn’t hold back any longer and puked on Dexter.

She had always been thrifty, so she stayed in a budget hotel. Even though Arnold upgraded her room,
she later changed back to a standard room to get a refund.

The room she lived in was cramped. There was a small couch near the door. On the right was a single
bed with a full-length mirror in front of it. The bathroom was narrow too.

If Dexter hadn’t seen it for himself, he wouldn’t have imagined such a hotel existed in Wavery, a
bustling city with two ports. Condominiums could be priced up to tens of millions in this city; there were

ships adorned with gold foil and countless private jets in the airport. Wavery was a vibrant, developed
metropolis. In contrast, this room was filthy, messy, and wretched.

Dexter furrowed his brows, rarely showing such an expression.

Josie didn’t dare to look at him. She awkwardly nudged him into the bathroom. “Clean yourself up.”

She believed Dexter would have left resolutely if she hadn’t insisted on getting him to clean himself up
at her place.

Josie’s clothes were scattered around the floor. She quickly cleaned the space and poured a bottle of
mineral water into the kettle.

Dexter took off his jacket and put it aside. As soon as he opened the tap, he heard a loud bang outside.
Through the narrow door gap, he saw Josie squatting on the floor, cleaning the mess.

An indescribable emotion arose in him. He felt triumphant to see Josie leading a miserable life after
leaving him. Ironically, she still refused to yield and turn back to him. How prideful this woman is. But
alas, such pride is as fragile as straw.

While Dexter was in the bathroom, Josie went downstairs to buy some single-use toiletries and motion
sickness pills. When she crossed the road, she saw Dexter’s Bentley by the roadside, looking modestly
luxurious under the streetlight.

She spaced out momentarily. He bought a car within five minutes. Indeed, our lives are worlds apart.

Dexter just came out of the bathroom when Josie returned. The six-foot-tall man appeared even more
prominent in the cramped space. Holding Josie’s towel, he looked comical.

Josie felt her face heat up being stared upon by Dexter. She gripped the plastic bag tightly and said
defiantly. “Don’t have to mock me or look down on me. I’ve found a place to stay for the long term.”

Dexter continued staring at him without saying a word. Josie felt abased and regretted bringing him to


She grabbed the towel from him and babbled away, “Are you okay? You better leave quickly once
you’re done cleaning up. I can’t afford to bear the consequences if any mishaps happen to you.”

Her eyes were still red-rimmed as she had yet to fully recover from the shock.

Dexter closed the door and seized her chin. “Why did you run away just now?” He asked.

Recalling the scenes in the hospital, Josie pushed him away uncomfortably, disgusted by the thought of
sharing things with another person.

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