That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 355

Olsen family’s Stance

Dexter cast a contemptuous glare at Larry and Anderson. He couldn’t believe he had such dim-witted

“Can’t believe you fell for it, Dr. Monte.”

“How was I supposed to know? She seemed so genuine!

Dexter stood outside the door, his footsteps faltering for a moment. Josie was a master of deception,
able to lie without flinching.

Josie’s injuries, though not life-threatening, healed rapidly under Anderson’s attentive care.

Dexter had instructed the subordinates not to inform Henry about the incident, so Josie had been
undisturbed for the past few days.

Every now and then, Anderson would accompany Josie to the courtyard of Mason Garden, allowing her
to breathe in the fresh air. The courtyard featured a small pond with vibrant carp, while the late spring
and early summer brought forth blooming flowers, filling the air with the sweet scent of jasmine.

Nestled near Wavery TV Station, Mason Garden served as a tranquil oasis amidst the bustling city

Unbeknownst to them, time had swiftly passed, and Josie had been residing in Mason Garden for
nearly a


“You know, Dr. Monte, it baffles me that you chose to become Dexter’s personal doctor. With your
medical skills, you could have easily become a renowned doctor in a top hospital and earned praise

from many people,”

Anderson clarified, “Well, my main role is still being an employee at the hospital. But truth be told, Mr.
Russell played a significant role in shaping my career. He sponsored my studies abroad, which led me
to where I am today.”

Despite his old-fashioned name, Anderson was far from being old-fashioned or outdated.

“We can’t be so shallow. The purpose of being a doctor is to help and save people, Anderson said, a
warm smile on his face as he looked at the petite woman standing before him. He never imagined that
someone as comical as Josie would end up marrying Dexter.

“On the day you got injured, I was about to enter the operating room. The patient was already under
anesthesia when the hospital director suddenly appeared and personally asked me to save another
patient. So, I was whisked away, and the surgery was replaced by another attending physician. That
time, I thought it must be some high-ranking official needing urgent medical attention, but little did I
know it was you. And to my surprise, you are Dexter’s wife,”

Josie was equally taken aback by the revelation, “But why did he do that?”

Anderson chose his words carefully. “Never underestimate your place in his heart. When you were in a
life-and-death situation, he didn’t hesitate to choose you.”

Puzzled. Josie took a deep breath, feeling a twinge of pain in her wound, “Is that so…. but when it
came to choosing between Summer and me, he didn’t choose me.”

At that moment, her phone on the side buzzed. It was a message.

Laura: ‘Hey! How are you? Is everything alright? It seems like the Olsens have gotten wind of the
shocking incident.

Josie: ‘So, what’s their reaction and stance?’

Lauras They’re furious. Really, really mad!

Josie, you shouldn’t underestimate Summer’s importance to the Olsen family. Her family has explicitly
forbidden her from having any contact with Dexter. They don’t fear the Russell family; they’re solely
concerned about their daughter’s safety.

Josie stared at the words on the screen for a while and thought to herself. It must feel amazing to have
such strong family support as Summer’s.

Josie hesitated for a moment before typing her message, then deleting it. Finally, she asked, ‘And how
are things going for you in the Olsen family?”

After a brief pause, Laura replied, ‘It’s complicated living under someone else’s roof.

It seemed things weren’t going smoothly for her, ‘Aren’t you friends with Summer?”

After a longer pause, Laura responded, ‘Our relationship isn’t as close as the one I have with you.

The intricacies of high society relationships were hard to decipher.

Josie couldn’t shake off a sense of loneliness as she continued typing her message. Despite the
material wealth and luxurious lifestyle, Laura yearned for the warmth and support of a loving family.

Dexter had been occupied with various matters lately. After dealing with Ivy’s issues, numerous tasks
still demanded his attention, and he hadn’t had much rest in the past few days.

Larry carefully observed Dexter’s words and expressions. Despite Dexter’s seemingly indifferent and
nonchalant attitude towards Josie, there was an underlying sense of guilt emanating from him. But
what was the source of this guilt?

Larry hesitated for a moment before speaking, his gaze focused on the rearview mirror, where he could
see Dexter resting his eyes in the backseat, “Mr. Russell, Mr. Yanis, and the others are aware of your
arrival, and they would like to have a face-to-face conversation with you.”

“I don’t want to see them, Dexter declined, leaving no room for negotiation.

Larry maintained his silence, understanding the weight of Dexter’s decision.

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