That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 353

When I Apologized to You

Anderson knew Dexter, but they weren’t particularly close, so he had no clue who Josie was However,
observing their interaction, Anderson could tell that Dexter held significant concern for her.

Gasping in pain. Josie clenched her eyes shut. Dexter noticed her avoidance of eye contact, and his
expression turned serious. “I won’t halt your father’s treatment. Your injuries are severe, so rest up”

With that, Dexter turned to leave, but Josie suddenly asked. “What happened to Ivy?”

“She realized there was no going back for her crime. She took a knife and ended her own life,” Dexter
calmly revealed, a glimmer of concealed vengeance flickering in his eyes.

Ivy didn’t even wait for the police to arrive.

“Ivy is dead….” Josie repeated numbly, the words sinking in. “And what about Summer?”

“The Olsens took her away, saying they would go through a thorough investigation,” Dexter’s eyes
curved slightly.

“That’s a relief,” Josie murmured, finding solace in knowing that the Olsen family would support
Summer no matter what.

She looked up, staring motionlessly at the man. “How much do you know about Ivy’s scheme?”

“I received a call only when you were taken away,” Dexter seemed genuinely unaware. Otherwise, he
wouldn’t have been so passive during the rescue process.

“Arnold. You brought him there,” she stated matter-of-factly.

“It was a dire situation. I couldn’t think of anyone but him.” Dexter replied, meeting her gaze. “but I
didn’t expect him to come alone.”

Both of them understood what it meant, and silence settled between them.

Josie’s mind was brimming with unspoken thoughts, but she grappled with where to begin. With a tinge
of sarcasm, she addressed Dexter, “Well, Mr. Russell, it seems like the people around you always find
themselves in unfortunate situations.”

Dexter’s gaze briefly swept over her abdominal wound, his expression growing solemn, “This time is
my bad. I will make it right.”

“Make it right?” Josie sneered coldly, “And how do you plan to do that?”

Anderson was becoming perplexed. He knew the whole story; logically, it wasn’t Dexter’s fault. In fact,
it was remarkable that he had managed to save both of them in such dire circumstances. So why did
Josie harbor such resentment towards him?

Dexter took a seat nearby, facing Josie directly. “What do you want?”

In the dim twilight, the woman’s face appeared ashen. Instead of answering directly, she asked, “You
came back early because you knew Summer had returned, right? Did you go to see her?”

That was the truth, and Dexter had no intention of hiding it anymore.

“Yes, I did.”

Josie said coldly and then averted her gaze. I rest my case.”

Ivy’s words still echoed. ‘So he chose Summer….

Indeed, Dexter had always chosen Summer over her.

Dexter got up and left.

Josie stared at the spot where the man disappeared at the doorway, the corner of his coat fluttering as
if she could still smell the long-lost tobacco scent. She felt like crying.

Stop it, Josie! What’s the matter now?

What is there to cry about?

Anderson handed her a tissue and gently wiped away her tears, comforting her softly. “No need to be
sad. Mr. Russell has rounded up everyone under Ivy’s command because of what happened to you. If
you don’t wake up, not a single one of them will escape.”

Josie paused, surprised by his words.

After that, Dexter was noticeably absent for the next three days. He was occupied with dealing with the
aftermath of the situation.

Anderson stayed in Mason Garden to nurse Josie back to health. His smile never wavered, even in the
face of her coldness or reluctance to take medicine, “Mrs. Russell, trust me. You wouldn’t want this
wound to leave a lasting scar on your beautiful skin.”

Eventually, Josie would relent and allow Anderson to tend to her.

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