That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 349

Making Him Choose

Ivy brandished a knife, pressing it against Josie’s throat with a maniacal grin on her face.

“Dexter, you have to make a choice,” Ivy taunted. “save Summer, and I’ll slit Josie’s throat right now.
Choose Josic, and Summer’s rope will be cut, sending her tumbling.”

“So, what’s it going to be? An easy decision?”

The knife’s edge pressed against Josie’s throat, causing her to wince in pain. She gasped for breath
and looked at the man before her, his cold eyes gleaming, unsure of what to say.

Dexter locked eyes with her, his thoughts a tangled web.

“I know what you’re made of, Mr. Russell. Let’s see who’s quicker, you or my knife,” the guard standing
by Summer taunted Dexter.

Dexter found himself in a stalemate, unable to handle both situations simultaneously.

“You said you love me.” Dexter suddenly spoke, his words causing Ivy to flinch instinctively.

“I’m asking you to choose between them!” Ivy’s voice quivered with anxiety, swaying under the
influence of Dexter’s hidden agenda.

“Are you sure you really love me?” He chuckled lightly, exuding a sinister charm in the midst of this
twisted situation.

“If you had confessed your feelings earlier, you could have become Mrs. Russell. But you didn’t; how
was I supposed to know?”

Ivy locked eyes with him, her gaze filled with unmistakable affection, her hand trembling as the knife
sliced into Josie’s skin, causing her pain.

“Are you insinuating that you would have chosen me over Josie?”

“Of course, when I decided to marry, I simply needed a woman for the role. It could have been anyone,”

Dexter took a subtle step forward, his words carrying a convincing tone.

Ivy grew wary, “But you said something different before…”

“We were simply boss and employee. I had to maintain that professional boundary, of course. But
things have changed now. I honestly don’t have any romantic feelings for her. If you had confessed
your feelings for me earlier, you would have had the upper hand, Dexter explained.

So, Ivy was right. Dexter had no feelings for me. Josie’s heart trembled, realizing Dexter was really
skilled in manipulation.

Ivy cautiously backed away while keeping Josie close, her suspicion still lingering, “You’re lying! The
Dexter I know wouldn’t come unprepared. Did you call someone? Did you inform the police?”

She immediately gestured for someone to check outside, shouting loudly, and tightened her grip on the
knife, “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll kill them?”

His expression grew grim. Dexter remained still, no longer advancing.

“I didn’t call anyone.”

The guard returned from checking and confirmed that no one followed them.

Ivy felt slightly relieved, saying, “Now, it’s time for you to choose. On one side is your lawful Mrs.
Russell, and on the other is Summer, the daughter of the Olsen family. I wonder who will be your pick.
If something were to happen to Mrs. Russell, the entire Wavery would know that you, Dexter, are a
widower. And if any harm befalls Summer, the Olsen family will never let you and the Russell family go

“For a guy like you, who always puts your own interests first, this is no doubt a tough call. Oh, Mr.
Russell, I’ve really made things complicated for you.”

Dexter arched an eyebrow in response, pointing towards Josie.

Amidst Josie’s burning and terrified gaze, a hoarse voice suddenly emerged, “Dex!”

Unexpectedly, at that moment.

Summer regained consciousness, swaying violently in mid-air, consumed by sheer terror. “How did I
end up here? Dex, help me!”

Her once cold and beautiful face displayed intense fear as she gazed wide-eyed at her surroundings,
trembling, crying, and desperately calling out to Dex. pleading for help.

Her cries were so heart-wrenching that even Josie was moved.

“Summer!” Dexter’s hand clenched, veins bulging with tension, as he hurried a few steps toward her in
a state of anxiety.

Witnessing that scene, Josie closed her eyes and flashed a bitter smile.

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