That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 360

Did You Have Anything To Do With It

After the phone call ended, Anderson signaled to Josic, He agreed.”

Josie smiled politely in response.

It wasn’t unusual to see someone in a wheelchair in the hospital. When Josie reached the VIP room,
she saw that Arnold had recovered quite well. He was sitting on the sofa, listening to Andy’s briefing.

He wasn’t surprised to see her at the door. He signaled to his bodyguard, who opened the door and let


Josie rolled her wheelchair into the room.

Andy stopped talking when he saw her, but Arnold waved him off. “You can continue,” he said.

“After the incident at the factory, the higher-ups are keeping an eye on the goods at the port. Should we
transport the goods via the freeway or the highway? Maybe we should take a few detours as well.”

Arnold narrowed his eyes, his arms exposed to the bright sunlight streaming through the curtains.
“Ronan should take the highway. There might be unwanted company lurking on the freeway, waiting to
attack us.”

“Understood,” Andy said, nodding to Josie before leaving the room.

Now that they were alone, Arnold stood up from the sofa. “Unfortunately, I’m also a patient, so I can’t
make you a cup of tea this time.”

“I never liked tea,” Josie disclosed.

“How’s your injury? Dr. Monte is the best surgeon in Wavery. You shouldn’t worry about scarring.
Arnold was oblivious to Josie’s hostility.

“You sure do get your news quickly.” Josie lowered her eyes. “I’ll get straight to the point. Did you have
anything to do with the incident at the factory?”

Arnold paused for a moment. “Does it look like I was the one behind it?”

“Ivy knew about us. She even had pictures of us meeting up. It’s hard to believe you had nothing to do
with it.” Josie spoke calmly, but her eyes betrayed her anger. “And Summer is back because of you,
isn’t she?”

Arnold picked up a pair of golden-rimmed glasses and wiped them with a wet tissue. “So, what do you
want to know?”

“I’m not surprised that Ivy kidnapped me, but how did she manage to kidnap Summer? It’s a difficult
task that would require help from someone else.”

Their eyes met, unwavering and calm, despite the pressure of the situation. Arnold raised an eyebrow.
“I must not want to live anymore if I were to send the Olsen family’s precious daughter into such
danger,” he replied with a blasé tone.

“I’m sure someone was directing Ivy to commit these acts. They either wanted me dead, or they
wanted Summer dead. Arnold, you only need to tell me if you are behind this.”

“No,” he answered without hesitation.

Did You Have Anything To Do With It

“Can I believe you?”

Arnold bent down to unbutton her blouse. Josie shivered, and her eyes widened in fear. She was no
match for his strength.

“What are you doing?” she demanded,

Arnold opened her blouse, revealing the wound on her waist. Her skin was as pale as the gauze that
had been used to cover it.

Arnold gently tapped the wound. “You can always believe me,” he said, meeting her eyes.

Her eyes fluttered as her thoughts raced.

For the rest of the week, Dexter was seen with a young lady by his side at his appointments. The news
spread quickly throughout Wavery like wildfire.

During lunch, as Summer was researching a subsidiary company, an employee approached her. “Mr.
Russell has never brought a lady to his appointments before. Ms. Olsen is the first. There must be
something going on between the two of you,” he said with a mischievous smile and a steely glint in his


Summer felt her cheeks burning with embarrassment. She didn’t expect to be misunderstood by others.
Dexter, however, showed no hint of emotion.

“Wasn’t there a rumor that Mr. Russell was married?” someone asked.

Dexter’s face turned grim. “It’s just a rumor,” Summer quickly said.

Everyone else at the table nodded in understanding.

No one dared to make Dexter drink, but Summer kept the drinks coming, one after the other.

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