That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 367

He Doesn’t Want To Return Home

Despite Dexter’s recent mistreatment, including causing the stock market to crash, Josie knew he
wouldn’t divorce her if she didn’t bring it up

*Dexter told me you married him to make Grandpa happy,” Summer said, her eyes gleaming with


Josie felt her heart swell in her chest. “He told you?”

He even shared this deep secret with Summer

“Yes, he told me everything,” she said, her eyes scanning Josie’s expression.

Josie realized that she didn’t want to put up against her anymore. “Yes,” she said, “we’ll get a divorce
when the time is right. But Ms. Olsen, I need you to be patient for now.”

Summer’s eyes widened in surprise and disbelief. “That’s what he told me as well,” she said, her voice
calm and composed as she laid her hands on the table.

She had expected this response from him, but hearing it from Summer made her heart sink.

“I thought you would be difficult to deal with, but you’re much more reasonable than I expected,”
Summer smirked. “Ill be waiting patiently for the day you and Dexter get divorced. Even after your
divorce, you won’t lose out if you’re on my side. After all, I am the heir to the Olsen fortune.”

She carried herself with an air of arrogance that was expected of a wealthy young lady.

“Alright,” Josie said, the bitterness of her coffee lingering in her mouth.

Summer’s affluent family background was her biggest asset, unlike Josie, who had nothing but a sick
father. Josie had also recently lost her job as the director of the design department. She had accepted
the reality that Summer was a better fit for Dexter than she was and that she had no chance of winning
against her.

She would rather live in peace than share the title of “Mrs. Russell.

After Summer left, Josie returned to Wyatt’s office with a grave expression. “How did it go?” Wyatt
asked, concerned.

Josie forced a smile. “How else could it go? She couldn’t bite me.”

Wyatt sighed. There have been rumors circulating for the past month that..

“I know,” Josie interrupted as she sat on the sofa. “Let’s talk about your situation. Dexter wasn’t
targeting you. You can still ask him for help, right?”

Wyatt sat down across from her and scowled. Josie, do you remember what Dex said when our
company became independent? He wanted us to take full authority, so we’ll be held accountable for
any problems

we face.

Josie recalled the conversation. “But he’s your brother.

“We’re not biologically related,” Wyatt reminded her.

They shared a knowing look. They didn’t need to say it out loud to know the truth.

“Tundresand” Josie nodded. She walked over in Wyatt and pamed him on the shoulder. Til do my best

As she turned to leave Wyant called out. “Josie, I’ve abys looked up to Dex as my role model. I wanted

him. The Revell Family has a rule that you must return home if you fail go back”

her spine She felt even more

ry for Wyatt when she

she hadn’t gone against Dester yesterday, be might not have gone to

his passion and uch lengths.

After having Wyn’s office, she headed towards the Russell Group Moses approached her cautiously: “1
besed you were fired.”

Jossed her eyebrows. Do you have to rub it in?”

Moses fell silent, unsure how to respond

Compared to everything che that was happening, losing her job was relatively minor

Suddenly, her phone rang. It was Arnold who gave heran address. Come over for lunch”

Ton my way to the Russell Group

“”“Visu don’t have to go there anymore

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