That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 365

In Trouble

“Are you on your way to the Russell Group?” Arnold asked indifferently.

“If I had known, I wouldn’t have dragged you into this mess,” Arnold continued. Josie slowly lifted her
head, her temples still pounding. She used a napkin to wipe her mouth, then took out her lipstick and
applied it. As she did, her face slowly began to brighten.

She shouldn’t have crossed the line with Dexter.

“How’s the situation?” she asked.

Arnold frowned as he scanned the stock market report. This doesn’t look good,” he observed. The
problem is more complicated than we thought. It’s not just the Carter Group that’s being targeted Small
and medium-sized businesses all over Wavery are being affected. The whole market is in trouble.”

Josie could never have imagined that Dexter would go to such lengths to get back at her. “What about
the Carter Group?” she asked, her voice trembling.

“We’re taking emergency measures to address the stock market problem, but Dexter’s decision also
affects his subsidiary companies, including the team led by Wyatt,” Arnold said urgently.

Josie felt her head pounding. He must be out of his mind. “Tell me what I have to do, she demanded,

“Dexter must be stopped. This stock market cannot continue to crash. I’ll send you a file with the
affected businesses later.”

The phone call ended. Josie knew she couldn’t drive to the office, so she immediately called Moses,
“Where are you?”

He was stunned to hear her voice. She hadn’t been to the office lately, so he was on a break at home.

“I’m surprised to hear from you. I thought you’d already fired me.

“Stop the nonsense. Come to Mason Garden and pick me up.

After packing her things. Josie opened the file on her phone. She saw that Wyatt’s team was on the list
of companies affected by the stock market. Dexter had announced their independence from the
corporation, but seeing them go through such trouble was a pity

Moses arrived shortly after. Josie got into the car but didn’t answer when he asked where they were
going The car idled outside the gates of Mason Garden,

Josie finally made the call to Wyatt. After a long ring, he picked up. “Josie?”

His voice was weak and weary. He sounded exhausted.

“How are you doing?”

“The company was about to be listed, but now the stock market is in chaos. A foreign company has
offered to buy us out at a high price

Josie’s eyebrows furrowed at the news. “Your opponent is the Russell Group

“What does that have to do with me?” Wyatt asked, his voice sharp.

There was a long pause before he continued, Josie, I’m starting to think this is all a scheme.”

Josie felt a pang of guilt at Wyatt’s words. She closed her eyes and asked, “Where are you? I’ll go over


She shouldn’t have angered him. She was finally starting to understand how important her position as
Mrs. Russell was.

Wyatt told her his location, and she instructed Moses to take her there immediately,

The e-commerce business attracted mostly young and passionate individuals. Everyone at Wyatt’s
office was whispering and discussing, clearly having encountered a problem..

Josie walked inside the office, guided by Wyatt’s assistant. “Wyatt,” she called as she entered his

As soon as the door opened, her heart sank. She saw two people inside, one of whom she recognized
as the woman who had been seen with her husband in the past month.

Summer was dressed professionally and had a file in her hands. When she saw Josie enter the room,
her eyebrows raised, and her lips curled into a wide smile.

The room fell silent.

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