That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 366

May I Speak With You for a Moment

Josie halted her steps. Wyatt stood up from his seat, surprised to see Josie. He was about to greet her
but hesitated as Summer was around.

“Take a seat,” he spoke indifferently. “Summer, you can continue.”

Summer placed the files on the table and explained, “A foreign company has decided to buy all your
stock. While they are in the process of doing so, I recommend that your team develop a policy for your
shares. You could prioritize your trusted aides with your dividends. If you are unable to prevent your
company from being taken over, you could also bring your opponent down by repaying your
outstanding debt early. This would create a financial crisis for the company that is trying to take over

Wyatt didn’t say a word, clearly deep in thought, as he mulled over what Summer said.


stood lost in thought, her gaze drifting over the plants on the windowsill,

Summer continued, “There is another option. You could try to find out who is behind this and find a
supporter to buy your company’s shares. They could then go against your opponent and artificially
inflate the price of the company. This would not only help your company, and…”

Wyatt interjected, “Summer, if we follow this plan, our company could go bankrupt before we have a
chance to defeat our opponent.”

Summer tilted her head.

“I could ask my father to support you, but even with his resources, we may not be able to defeat them
without outside help. It will take time to find out who is behind this.“

Summer nodded. “Your concern is understandable. I will do my best to help you overcome this. I need
a little more time to think it over.”

“Thank you, Summer. The information you brought me today was very useful.”

Summer chuckled. “You’re like a brother to me. I don’t need thanks for helping the family.”

Wyatt’s shifty eyes and restless posture were evidence enough of the awkward position he was placed

She turned to leave but paused beside Josie with a smile. “Ms. Warren, may I speak with you for a

Josie took a deep breath, pursed her lips, and nodded at Wyatt.

“I wasn’t sure what you like, so I got both of us Americano.” Summer passed her a cup of warm coffee
from the cafe downstairs. Her slender fingers were adorned with beautiful nail art.

Josie glanced at her bare fingers. She couldn’t have any nail art, as she needed to work on designs.

“Thank you”

“I didn’t add any sugar” she said. “I assumed you and Dexter have similar tastes, so I ordered his
usual.” Summer’s black hair framed her face as she smiled, her eyes curving into crescents,
accentuating her

May I Speak With You for a Moment

classically beautiful appearance.

“I like it very much. Josie said with a warm smile. She bent her head to take a sip of her coffee, and
Summer noticed the bruises on her neck. She froze, her heart pounding.

I’m glad you like it. While I was away, you took care of Dexter. In the future, if you want anything. I’ll do
my best to give it to you. She spoke with a resolute voice and took Josie’s hand. “After the incident at
the factory, I knew you were a good person.

Josie didn’t return her smile and slowly pulled her hands away. “I believe you’d be safe no matter what
happens, with your great luck and Dexter’s protection. It had nothing to do with me.”

Summer remained collected despite Josie’s hostility. She spoke with an innocent air, “But you were
hurt. I hope it didn’t affect you too much.”

Josie stared at her, a shiver running down her spine. She was no ordinary woman if this woman could
control Arnold for all these years.

“Don’t worry: I mean you no harm, even though you are Dexter’s wife.” Summer took a sip of her coffee
and leaned back in her chair. Her eyes were unwavering as she continued, “I know you won’t be
wearing that title for much longer.”

Josie couldn’t help but scoff at her confidence. “How can you be so sure of yourself?”

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