That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 363

To Anger Her

Everyone’s eyes were on her.

Josie snapped out of her daze after three seconds. It was a Q&A session.

“Hello, Mr. Carter. The Carter Group is a top corporation in the current market, and its style aligns with
the CEO’s personal visions and goals. If the CEO steps down, will the Carter Group continue to be led
in such a manner, and will it go against the Russell Group once the partnership ends? That’s all for my
question. Thank you.”“”

The question was both controversial and interesting.

Everyone at the press conference noticed the change in her demeanor as she asked it. She began
sounding nervous, but by the end of her question, she had calmed down and sounded confident

Arnold, who was on the stage, chuckled softly before asking. “What’s your last name?”

Why is he acting? “You can call me Ms. Warren,” she replied.

“Ms. Warren, you have an outstanding question. However, this is not the appropriate forum for me to
answer it I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”“”

Arnold had an interesting way of avoiding the question. He had managed to keep her dignity intact
while also avoiding answering the question himself.

The audience gave a polite chuckle.

Josie rubbed her nose and forced a smile. She held a grudge against him but knew she had to be

Suddenly, the realization dawned upon her. Many reporters were present, and she had forgotten that
the forum was being broadcast live.

Back at the Russell Group, the executives were also watching the forum. They were impressed by
Arnold’s answer, but they were also amused by Josie’s reaction. They found her adorable, and they
couldn’t help but laugh.

The secretary coughed behind Dexter, signaling for everyone to keep their composure. They all turned
to look at the man at the end of the table, who was sitting with his hands clasped together, his leg on
the table, and a stern look on his face. His eyes were cold and distant.

Arnold sent Josie home when she left the forum.

They had grown closer since their last conversation and were now friends.

“Why did you choose me just now!” Josie asked.

“To anger her,” Arnold replied. It was clear who he was talking about.

Josie was unfazed. She might not even care about you, she said, just like how Dexter doesn’t care
about her.

Arnold chuckled without replying to her

Josie froze in the doorway of her bedroom, her eyes widening

She turned on the lamp, and Dexter glanced at her side of the bed. He wanted to reach out and touch
her, but she curled into a ball, avoiding his touch.

His hand lingered on the dented part of the bed where she had slept, his palm warm from her body

He glanced at his watch. It was two in the morning.

Josie was sent home by another man at this late hour. She’s getting bolder by the day.

Is she sleep? The corner of his lips lifted into a smirk as he walked into the bathroom. He was surprised
to see the clothes Josie had changed out of.

They were filled with the scent of alcohol, even smoke.

Josie occasionally drank a little alcohol, but she never smoked.

His anger boiled over as he immediately pulled her up from her bed.

She cried out in pain and grabbed his wrist, but he flung her hands away. She fell onto the bed,
knocking on her head. Josie looked up in fear as he knelt on one knee beside her, his face inches from
hers. His hands were raised, and she knew they were meant for her.

His hands hovered in mid-air as if he had finally regained his senses. After a moment, he reached out
and gently cupped Josie’s chin in his hands. His chilling smile sent a shiver down her spine. “You stole
the show today, Mrs. Russell,” he said.

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