That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 370


Josie never expected to see Manhew under these conces

He was dressed in

his al professional and große demes her stomach Does it will hurt here?

gely pressed

it Seeing her wak


Nitti, Josie felt embarrassed. She raised her swim to cover her eyes and spoke in

Seeing him, Josie

Matthew’s expression stiffened as

tiffened as he glanced at the

glanced at the m waiting outside the ward. Dexter’s eyes were dark and impenetrable, making it difficult
to discern his thoughts

In a low voice, Matthew advised. You fainted because of exhaustion, and your body is too weak. You
need su take better care of yourself. The vomiting was likely caused by irregular eating habits recently
prescribe some medicine for you. Rest well and stick to a light diet”

As Matthew turned to leave, Josie grabbed the edge of his clothes and asked, “Matthew, when can I
leave here

She still had an TV drip attached to her wrist.

Just one more bottle of nutrition. “he adjusted the drip speed for her while asking. “What happened?
Did something go wrong?”

Josie forced a smile and nodded, “Since you’ve examined me, you should be able to guess what

The scar on her waist remained, not fully healed yet.

She deliberately didn’t use the ointment given by Lao Sun. She wanted to remember this shame on her


Manhew pursed his lips. Just now, he saw Dexter rush in carrying her. Matthew was startled by the
terrifying darkness that filled in his eyes.

He unbuttoned Josie’s clothes and saw bruises, kiss marks, and the scar on her waist, piecing together
the general picture.

Dexter’s voice resonated from above, “Matthew, you’re her friend. Can I trust you?”

Ignoring the bitterness creeping in him, Matthew simply nodded.

Arnold and Eileen followed along. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, Arnold wouldn’t have believed
the man that acted so ruthlessly in the market was the same man that anxiously carried Jose to the

Let’s go. Arnold pinched the woman’s soft and delicate hand, his eyes distant and ethereal “Les them
solve their own problems, okay?”

Eileen’s eyes were amber, resembling a car’s “Alright”

“Will you be working overtime tonight? Dad wants us to go home for dinner

She held onto Arnold’s hands Sensing the coldness in his eyes, she looked at him pleadingly

Revealing a distant smile on his face, he caressed her chestnut-colored hair “Okay, I’ll send you home

“Then I’ll “Then I wait for you at home, and we can go together later

Arnold accepted the arrangemem. Don’t tire yourself out. Rest well.”

After resting for a while. Josie thought everyone had left She finally removed her arm from her eyes
and opened them slightly. To her surprise, she saw a man standing beside her bed, his expression at
cofil as wearing intently at her

Josie revealed a startled expression but quickly regained her composure, looking indifferent.

Dexter, as if guessing her thoughts, calmly spoke, “You were the one who kept holding onto my
clothes, not allowing me to leave

Josie was taken aback, and seeing his unwavering expression, she realized he wasn’t joking

“Thank you, her expression unchanged. “But I don’t need you here anymore.”

Dexter raised an eyebrow slightly. “Are you biting the hand that saved you?

Josie felt annoyed. She detested his mocking tone and besides, if it weren’t for him, she might not have
fainted in the first place.

She turned around to leave, but after taking just a couple of steps, she noticed that the needle she had
just pulled out caused a sudden gush of blood, covering her hands. Startled by the blood, the man

hurriedly approached, taking her to the bathroom to clean up before calling Matthew inside.

Josie impatiently struggled, saying. “Let go of me.”

He forcefully pressed her back onto the bed, revealing a wave of hidden anger. “Don’t move!”

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