That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 369


“Let’s put this meeting on hold,” Arnold said, avoiding her question. “I didn’t know she was friends with


After all, it’s unsurprising that a woman of her social standing would know Dexter

“What about Summer!”

He seemed unfazed as he answered. She’s none of my business anymore”

Josie wouldn’t believe him. “Why did you call me here today!”

“You won’t find Dexter at the Russell Group headquarters, but you will find him here.”

So, this was his plan all along.

Josie didn’t know how she would stand up against Dexter. As the CEO, he could fire her from her
director position at any time. She also had no say in his aggressive actions on the Carter Group.

She felt a sense of dread in her chest, suffocating her since she met eyes with him.

Josie felt so anxious that she thought she was going to be sick. “I have to use the restroom,” she stood
up and excused herself.

There were a few private rooms on the way to the restroom. Josie scanned around but didn’t find
Eileen or Dexter in any of them.

Josie splashed some water on her face to wake herself up.

She looked in the mirror and saw that she looked terrible. Her eyes were dull and lifeless; her skin
sunken and dry, a clear sign of over-exhaustion. Her appearance was no match for Eileen’s.

Josie walked out of the washroom, head down, contemplating whether to go home and take a rest. She
was tired, and her head was starting to ache.

“Ah.” Josie bumped into someone’s rock-solid chest and felt her head spinning. She stumbled
backward but was caught in time by the person’s large, strong hands.

Josie felt her heart racing in her chest. As she slowly gained footing, her gaze fell on the familiar jaw.
Her eyes lifted slowly_

Josie was frightened, and her eyes grew wide. She gazed upon his face with a sense of anxiety

within her.

“What are you doing here?”

The man loomed over her, his voice low and menacing. I see you’re clearly attracted to him, and you’re
not going to let his willingness to be a bootlicker stop you from getting close to him.”

He sneered as he emphasized the word “bootlicker, dripping with contempt and condescension

Josie’s face tightened with annoyance, and her pupils flared red. She wanted to smack him across the
face with her bag. “Dexter, that’s enough, she warned through gritted teeth.

He gripped her wrist tightly and pulled her close, his voice full of venom. “Arnold wants the Laxir

Corporation to help the Carver Cup, vight? But how much power shoes he have without his shares?
The won’t be able to marry her right away so this will all be for nothing”

Jose clenched her fists and raised her hands to slap Dexter Dexter she cried

But he was too strong for her

Jose’s eyes filled with tears

The realization finally dawned upon her. Dexter’s aim all along was to leave Arnold between a rock and
a hard place

It was either the fall of the Carter Group or Arnold getting married. Either way, Dexter would wis

A i

pict scheme to bring fold down

He grabbed her wrists and held them tightly

Josie was quivering with anger, but she didn’t know how Dexter’s heart sank when he saw Arnold
slicing the steak for her and how she uncharacteristically let her guard down around him.

Josie tried to break away, but her stomach churnest, and she felt bile rising in her throat. She covered
her mouth and bent over slightly, her face pale. Dexter’s eyes widened in shock at her sudden behavior
She quickly dashed towards the restroom and vomited into the sink.

Dexter followed behind her, his heart swelling as he looked at her in her vulnerable state

The corner of his mouth turned down in a grimace as he watches Josje retch into the sink. He wanted
to reach out and comfort her, but his hands hovered in the air, frozen He didn’t have the right to touch


Josie felt better after a while. She turned on the faucet to wash her hands, and as she lifted her eyes,
she met the indiscemible gaze of the man who had followed her inside. “Why

Josie lifted the corner of her lips. “Why are you here!”

The man’s lips quivered. Josie felt her heart stop, and her vision flashed black. She collapsed to the
floor, unconscious

“Jostel” he shouted.

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