That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 377

Accept the Defeat

Josie was finally awake.

“The Olsen family has their eyes on you now,” Dexter said wearily, and his eye bags weighed on, “I
must do something about this.”

There was anguish in his voice.

“It’s all for me, right?”

The evening’s golden hues streaked into the bedroom, glowing on Josie’s complexion. Her eyes
sparkled like radiant jewels.

Dexter’s gaze lingered, his expression distant and unfocused.

“Is that how you see it? To protect me?” Josie’s voice trembled, and her frustration simmered. “I can
look after myself, Dexter. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself to protect me.”

“Josie, Dexter’s voice turned sharp as he looked her in the eye. “Do you truly believe you can handle
this on your own? You’re only confident because Arnold is there to support you. Take him out of the
equation, and what are you left with?”

Josie was aghast, but it was the truth – what would she do without Arnold?

“Arnold never meant to help you anyways.”

Dexter’s words pierced through Josie once again. However, she couldn’t reveal that Arnold had lent her
billions of dollars for the project.

“Dexter, I can’t help but question your sincerity. It seems like everything you do is motivated by self-
interest. And please, let’s not even get started on Arnold.”

His face hardened, and he let out a cold, mocking laugh.

The phone buzzed and interrupted the tension in the room. Dexter swiftly answered, “Go ahead, speak,
as his eyes lingered on Josie.

“Mr. Hudson took the highway as expected. The checkpoint was guarded by numerous officers,
resulting in the exposure of the entire truck’s cargo.”

Hudson? He’s with Arnold. Her face blanched with a sinking realization.

Dexter’s eyes remained fixed on her. “Arnold seems to think I would be waiting for them on the

“This is quite strategic of you. Closing down Arnold’s nightclubs will make this summer a tough one for


Chill ran down her spine as she listened.

No way-Dexter had it all under his thumb.

Josie swiftly got out of bed, her breath quickening. Dexter ended the call and watched her somberly as

hurriedly composed herself. Josie confronted him, “Did you ever think about Wyatt when executing
these plans? He’s your brother and played a role in the Russell Group. How could you let him become
the scapegoat?”

“I can tame even the wildest beasts,” Dexter reiterated.

“So, you could do whatever you want.”

Dexter remained silent as he brought the laptop upstairs and placed it before her.

“Are you sure you wanna leave?” he said condescendingly.

Josie snatched the laptop, her eyes flashing with contempt. “Jerk!” she spat, turning on her heels and
storming downstairs, Dexter’s warning was brushed aside as she drove away in Wyatt’s car.

She tried calling Arnold, but there was no answer. Dexter’s cunning tactics had cornered Arnold,
forcing him to choose between his marriage and the Carter group.

Arnold finally returned Josie’s calls. The days followed were filled with relentless dedication as she
poured her resources into supporting Wyatt, preparing for the impending battle..

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