That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 372

He Thought You Were Pregnant

Josie didn’t say much, her face turning pale and unsightly.

As she was leaving the hospital, she ran into Matthew. It seemed that Dexter had already left, and
Matthew stood with his hands in his pockets, saying casually, “He thought you were pregnant.”

The man, who had always been calm and composed, had shown signs of panic not long ago. However,
when he heard that it was only due to a stomach issue causing the vomiting, his disappointment was
evident. He awkwardly asked Matthew, “No need for an ultrasound?”

Matthew was momentarily stunned. “Oh, no need. It’s just a stomach issue.”

Matthew didn’t dare to look at Dexter’s expression. He already knew that the man’s love for Josie had
reached a certain level-a level where he wanted to have a child with her.

“I only faintly heard some rumors about you two. What happened? Did you and Dexter have a fight?”

Laura asked as Josie sat in the passenger seat of the car.

Josie took out her phone and scrolled through her call history, most of which were calls from her
colleagues at work. “He maliciously attacked the Carter Group, not even sparing Bryce.”

Laura glanced at her. “Summer has been looking for you.”

“Yeah, Miss Olsen that looks so pure and innocent. If I were a man, I would also fall for her charm.
“Josie selectively replied to some text messages, including one from Alice.

“From the looks of it, you’re going to be on the opposite side of Dexter, “Laura said.

“I have no choice. Josie knew she didn’t have the power to resist, so she could only do her best. Then,
she suddenly remembered and asked, “Is Summer the successor of the Olsen family? Why isn’t it Zach

At the mention of this, Laura’s expression darkened slightly. “You don’t know, do you? The Olsen family
favors their daughters, especially their youngest daughter. Plus, Zach’s abilities aren’t outstanding
enough. Everyone assumes that Summer will be the future successor.”

“It’s strange. Usually, it’s the eldest son who inherits the family business. The Olsen family doesn’t
seem to have favoritism over male descendants.”

“There’s a hidden story behind it, “Laura said, not elaborating further.

Alice received Josie’s reply and immediately called her. “What’s going on? Why did they fire you just
like that? Did you go talk to the boss?”

Not only did she not talk to him, but she also had a fight with the “boss.”

“It’s okay. It’s just a job. I won’t starve.”

Seeing Josie’s nonchalant attitude, Alice was puzzled. “This isn’t like you, Josie. Did you read today’s
financial news?”


He Thought You Were Pregnant

“It has nothing to do with you, right?”

Josie felt guilty for a moment. “What… What does it have to do with me?”

“You scared me. I thought there might be some connection between the two. I’ve overheard two of the
managers talking in the pantry today, and they mentioned that the amount a foreign company was
offering to acquire the Bryce team is between one billion and two billion.”

Josie almost choked on her own saliva. “Is that true?”

“That’s what I heard, but I’m not sure either. Why do you look so surprised?”

“No, it’s nothing. Thank you, Alice. Please keep an eye on the design department. “Josie gave her
instructions and hung up the phone. She then told Laura, “Take me to Bryce’s place.”

Laura turned the steering wheel. “Okay.”

After Bryce got married, his personality became much more subdued, which made Josie somewhat
unaccustomed. “Is everything alright at the Olsen family?”

“Don’t ask.

It seemed that things weren’t going well.

Josie put away her curiosity and decided to drop the subject. She told Bryce about the approximate
amount of the acquisition. He was elated. “This is crucial for us. Knowing the approximate amount
gives us a way to deal with it.”

Josie smiled. “How about I stay and face it together with you? After all, Dexter has fired me, and I have
nothing to do now.”

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