That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 375

My Heart Belongs Elsewhere

A wave of dismay washed over Josic, and the fleeting excitement dissipated. The contract in her hands
now felt like a sizzling hot plate, too precarious to handle. Lost for words, she stammered. “This…”

This could be serious if caught red-handedly.

Arnold shrugged it off, “If things go wrong. Eileen will step in.”

Has she been used?

Josie was stunned for a while. “She seems to like you a lot,” she finally murmured.

Arnold remained indifferent, slowly capped his pen, and answered coldly. “My heart belongs to
someone else.”

Josie chose not to probe further. “It seems I have no choice but to go all out, even if it means risking
everything for this billion-dollar deal.”

The room fell into a long and deep silence.

A gentle rapping on the study door broke the silence as Eileen’s soothing voice chimed in, “Are you
finished? The mousse is ready to be served.”

A gentle smile etched on Arnold’s lips as he cordially invited Josic, “Stay and have a meal before you
go.” Arnold’s mood changes rapidly and dramatically, displaying an intense and unpredictable
temperament. Taking a moment to observe her surroundings, she paused and appreciated the house’s
spotless cleanliness and meticulous arrangement. The prevalence of pink-colored items throughout
added an undeniable touch of adorableness and charm.

Wyatt was shocked after signing the contract and immediately questioned Josie about the source of the
money. Without hesitation, Josie disclosed all the details.

Wyatt’s skepticism dissipated, and he enquired, “Josic, how did you and Arnold meet?”

… in some unexpected circumstances.”

Without prying further, Wyatt asked curtly, “Did he send those meals and flowers?”

Josie’s agitation grew as she gazed at the freshly delivered bouquet of roses.

She deliberately tossed the bouquet into the trash bin and said nonchalantly, “The news of Arnold’s
rumored engagement to a wealthy heiress is causing quite a commotion. You’re reading too much into

Her eyes caught sight of a card nestled among the blooms. Her mind flickered, momentarily enticed to
reach out and uncover its secrets. But she restrained herself, resisting the urge to pick it up and
uncover its


Josie inadvertently left her laptop in Mason Garden as she left hastily after the meal.

Lost in her thoughts, she checked the time and assumed Dexter would still be engaged in the meeting

discussing the Carter Group.

She drove off hurriedly in Wyatt’s car. As a foreign vehicle approached Mason Garden, the security
guards were prepared to intercept it. However, their surprise grew as the car window lowered to reveal
Josie. They exclaimed, “Madam…”

Josie made a conscious effort to park her car discreetly, but despite her best intentions, she was


The wistful dusk of autumn awakens a sense of solitude.

Josie handed the car keys to the servant and stood by the staircase leading to Mason Garden’s interior.

She glanced at the servant and innocently asked, “Can I go upstairs to get something?”

The servant looked bewildered and answered, “Madam, you don’t need to ask me.”

She is Mrs. Russell, after all.

Josie chuckled wryly as she hurried upstairs, finding the master bedroom untouched. The balcony
revealed the pitiful state of the neglected potted plants, their soil dry and foliage on the verge of wilting.

Josie glanced around, unable to find her computer in its usual spot. She searched fruitlessly,
considering going downstairs to look for it. Suddenly, a solemn and commanding voice trailed along the
corridor. “Why does Mrs. Russell sneak around like a thief when returning home?”

Josie stood still as she peered down to see Dexter seated on the sofa downstairs. His gaze held a
mischievous allure, and a cold smile graced his lips.

Josie felt a chill run down her spine as fear and embarrassment enveloped her.

Had he been there all this time?

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