That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 380

Don’t Do Anything Silly

“Do you think I wanted to make a move against you? It’s your fault. You disappointed me. You didn’t
even look at the flowers before you threw them into the trash.”

The call suddenly ended.

The dial tone rang in Josie’s ears.

She felt cold.

Wyatt reached out to pull her up, and she held on to his arms tightly. Her legs felt slightly numb, and
her gaze was empty.

At that moment, in Laxir’s chairman’s office.

Mr. Shaw instructed people to keep the chess set. He poured a cup of tea for his guest and smiled as
he praised Dexter. “You play well, Dexter.”

Dexter was arrogant and wouldn’t undervalue himself before his elders. He smiled indifferently. “You
flatter me, Mr. Shaw.”

Mr. Shaw nodded, satisfied. He sighed. The more Mr. Shaw looked at the handsome man before him,
the more Mr. Shaw liked Dexter. He couldn’t help but say, “Eileen has always told me she likes you. I

He thought Eileen would get together with Dexter, and the two families would be connected by
marriage. It was an excellent opportunity. Although Laxir wasn’t inferior, it couldn’t compare to Russell
Group. As for Dexter’s wealth, it was…

Dexter understood what Mr. Shaw meant. He continued smiling. “Eileen treats me as an elder brother.”
Mr. Shaw had second thoughts. That’s right. There are many women around Dexter….

But he wasn’t satisfied with Arnold at all. Arnold had misappropriated funds without permission for a
woman and used them to go up against Dexter!

He now knew Dexter’s purpose for coming, and he asked, “Did you hear the news about Carter
Group’s stocks hitting the limit down price?”

The man silently glanced at the clock. “It’s settled that the overseas company will acquire Carter Group.
Arnold can’t save the company.”

Mr. Shaw felt slightly sad. Dexter had rarely done such things in recent years.

A soft knock was heard at the door. Mr. Shaw glanced at the door and said impatiently, “Come in.”

Two young men looked at each other bitterly from a distance, neither yielding.

Arnold took the initiative to reach out his hand and shook the hand of the man sitting at one side.
“Dexter is here too.”

Dexter smiled warmly. “Arnold.”

After they greeted each other, Arnold sat at one side.

Mr. Shaw had an awful expression, but he had no other way. He had to back off. This was the person
his beloved daughter had feelings for.

But Dexter couldn’t be pushed around. If Wavery was a kingdom, he was the king.

Although Dexter called Nigel ‘Mr. Shaw, Dexter was doing Nigel a favor by meeting him.

“You’ve been liberal with money, Arnold. I heard that while Wyatt’s stocks hit the limit down price, the
price rose by one billion, Dexter said as he sized Arnold up.

Dexter’s malicious gaze was devious. He couldn’t underestimate Arnold’s recent ploys to stabilize
Carter Group’s finances.

Dexter trusted his and Josie’s foresight.

“How can I do nothing when my friend is in trouble?” Arnold said thoughtfully.

“You were too impulsive. Weren’t you afraid that Carter Group would be involved?”

“Didn’t you involve your cousin, Dexter?” Arnold sneered. “You’re more vicious than I am. Perhaps
Wyatt will never know that the person who destroyed him was his cousin.”

Dexter didn’t say anything. He glanced at the time while buttoning his cuffs. “It’s late. I must leave.”

Mr. Shaw rose. “Take care.”

Dexter shook hands with him again and smiled meaningfully. “I hope Laxir won’t do anything silly in the

Arnold didn’t express how he felt after the attack today. He said calmly. “Let me send you off.”

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