That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 371

Exploiting Marriage for Publicity

Josie was temporarily subdued by his intimidating temper, and she had no choice but to calm down

Matthew came in to help Josie with the wound, but when he tried to continue the drip, she forcefully
pulled her hand back and said in a rigid tone, “Matt, sorry, but I feel like I’m fine now. I want to leave the
hospital immediately.

Matthew instinctively looked at Dexter, as if he was inquiring his opinion.

He now understood that Josie’s decision would be irrelevant when Dexter was there.

Josie stared back at the man obstinately. “I have many things to do. I’m not as fragile and dramatic as
Mr. Russell thinks.

Dexter’s gaze turned cold as he replied, “Sure, but I guess that as soon as you step outside, you’ll start
vomiting and faint again”

Josie kept silent because she indeed still had the urge to vomit.

“You’ve lost your job. What else is there for you to be busy with?”

This remark made Josie glare at him, her beady eyes ablaze with fury, and the tense atmosphere
persisted. Matthew intervened, trying to defuse the situation. Josie, there’s no rush. It won’t hurt to
finish the drip before leaving the hospital.”

Seeing that Josie had stopped moving, he took the opportunity to reinsert the needle into her vein. The
sudden pain made Josie involuntarily groan.

A dark bruise formed where the needle had just been inserted.

She didn’t notice, but at the same time, Dexter furrowed his brow, his reproachful gaze falling on


For the rest of the time, Josie lay back on the bed, closed her eyes, and pretended to sleep. She didn’t
want to see or speak to the man in her room.

Her phone kept vibrating in her pocket, but she didn’t dare answer it.

“Why, are you feeling annoyed? “An intimate breath suddenly washed over her as warm fingertips
touched her face, slithering like a venomous snake. She couldn’t help but tremble. You’ve been with
me for so long, yet you still don’t know how to handle unexpected events.”

Sure enough, it was him! She thought

He knew that Bryce would deliberately do this

The man’s large hand suddenly withdrew, and his voice turned cold. “I’ll give you a suggestion. Go to
the media now and announce our marriage. Perhaps Carter Group will be saved.

The news of the mysterious woman married to Dexter being Josie would undoubtedly cause a
sensation. By using the media, public opinion would be pushed to a climax.

After a long period of silence that felt like half a century, Josie finally opened her eyes. She responded
sharply, “Unlike you, I don’t resort to using marriage as a publicity stunt”

Dexter’s expression remained cold, without a trace of emotion.

“Anyone in the whole world, but you can say that I’ve married you for a publicity stunt.”

She stiffened.

He took out his phone, answered a call, and then walked out of the ward. His cold and ruthless figure
seemed to be telling her that his presence in the hospital meant a last chance for her, but since she
didn’t accept it, he no longer needed to show any mercy.

He couldn’t see it, but when he mentioned publicly announcing their marriage to the media, a dark
cloud descended over her eyes.

Once the news of Dexter’s marriage was exposed, it meant that all the protection he had given her
before would no longer exist.

Josie took a deep breath, unsure what to make of the suffocating feeling deep in her heart.

She scrolled through her contacts for a long time but couldn’t find a suitable person. Finally, she
hesitantly called Laura, who was surprised when she picked up the phone. “Josie?”

“Can you come to the hospital to pick me up?”

Josie couldn’t believe that in the vast city of Wavery, she didn’t have a trustworthy friend to rely on.

Every person she had known for so long had some connection to Dexter.

Not long after, Laura appeared in the VIP ward and was startled to see Josie covered in injuries. “Wow,
where did you get into a fight?”

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