That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 384

The Drunk Woman

But Josie snatched Calvin’s cell phone away fiercely. “Don’t call him. I have no relationship with him!”

Before she could finish speaking, someone tapped the back of her head hard. At the next moment, she
fell into a familiar yet warm embrace.

The man’s deep voice rang above her. “You can go.”

Calvin smirked. He took his cell phone back and sighed silently. It seems like she’s completely lost.

Josie was drunk and narrowed her eyes as she sized up the man. She didn’t care how nasty an
expression he had when she clearly saw who it was. “You’re here.”

Dexter crouched down and carried her to the VIP room. He restrained his anger and wanted to splash
water on her to wake her up.

The woman moved limply and muttered tauntingly, “I forgot this place is yours.”

Her voice softened, and she said weakly, “Do you think lowly of me?”

The man slapped her hands away and threw her on the soft bed. He went into the bathroom silently.
He took a towel from the cupboard out of habit and rinsed it with warm water. He went to her and
carefully wiped her face while holding her in his arms.

After a while, she seemed to have fallen asleep. It was quiet.

Just as Dexter was about to get up, the woman suddenly pulled a corner of his shirt and threw up
directly on him…

Dexter was flabbergasted.

His temples twitched under the dim light, and he was close to gritting his teeth. Josie did this on
purpose. She definitely did this on purpose.

“Josie Warren!” She looked innocent, and she looked at him with an inebriated gaze. Her big eyes
looked miserable.

At that moment, Dexter’s temper disappeared. He shut his eyes as he was resigned to clean her again.

In the end, he took an hour to clean both of them.

Josie had fallen asleep, and he had tied her hair up messily. A few strands fell on her sleeping face.
Her face was simple yet beautiful without makeup. She looked very demure when her eyes were shut
and when she wasn’t making a fuss.

Dexter quietly lay beside her after turning off any electronics that could wake her. He embraced her

But he couldn’t fall asleep for a long time.

She was inebriated tonight. Dexter didn’t know how she would react when she woke up and saw him
the following morning.

Time passed slowly.

“Why don’t you understand me?” He asked softly. Only his voice was heard in the large room.

Josie woke up in the wee hours of the night, extremely parched because she had drunk too much.
Josie subconsciously reached out to the bedside table, but it was empty. She woke up in a panic and
got up to turn on a table lamp when she came to her senses and realized she wasn’t in Mason

Dexter would often leave a glass of water for her at Mason Garden.

When Josie thought about it, she sobered up suddenly and shook her head ferociously.

And at this time.

“What are you doing?”

The voice was sleepy and slightly hoarse. It made her heart race.

Josie was taken aback. She turned. “Why are you here?!”

Dexter woke up and opened his eyes calmly. His gaze was frightening. He glanced at her slightly
disdainfully as she pulled the covers to her chest. He mocked her softly. “Who do you think helped you
shower and change your outfit?”

Josie flared up. She raised her hand and wanted to slap the nonchalant man. “You’re really

Dexter caught hold of her hand precisely and pulled it back. She fell into his arms.

It hurt slightly when her face bumped into his warm chest. She felt the vigorous beating of his heart.

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