That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 387

You Two Look Quite Well-Matched When Walking Together Chapter 387 You Two Look Quite Well-
Matched When Walking Together

Josie paused for a split second before she threw everything in her hands on the floor. She pushed his
injured hand away forcefully. She touched his sore spot, and he could feel his wound starting to bleed

As she turned to leave, she looked at him for the last time loathingly.

He suddenly grabbed her wrist, and she heard him say coldly, “Don’t try to blackmail others emotionally
like me. You’ll never master it.”

After spending time together for a year, was this man’s patience and cautiousness emotional

Because he was good at it, he could tell with one glance that Josie had returned because of human

Josie was incensed and tried to break free, but he suddenly held her tightly. She lost count of how often
she had gritted her teeth at him. “Let go of me!”.

Dexter’s coarse fingers caressed her left hand and felt her bare ring finger. He used the same force to
push her hand away, and his voice turned cold. “I want to see a proposal on Wyatt’s team’s future
development on my table tomorrow.”

Josie ran from him, and her heels made loud sounds on the floor. She walked past the mess, and
before she slammed the door and left again, the last thing she heard was, “Don’t forget that we haven’t
divorced. You better control yourself.”

It seemed to be taunting her. Josie understood it.

She passed by the pharmacy she had bought medicine from, and the girl on duty was leaving work.
The girl shut the door and bumped into Josie when she turned, and her eyes lit up. “Ah?”

Her smile froze. She could tell that Josie didn’t seem to be in good shape.

Josie glanced at the girl and nodded at her. She couldn’t express anything else. She warmed her arms
with her hands because of the cold.

The girl watched in a daze as Josie walked further away. Josie seemed like a nomad.

A few days later, Wyatt’s team merged into another corporation. All the profit from the various research
and development projects under their banner was also absorbed. Russell Group employees were
spreading rumors that Wyatt couldn’t manage a company properly, and Russell Group had to tidy up


Little did they know that Dexter had caused the mess.

Josie assisted Wyatt in dealing with various matters, and he had been feeling bad. I’m sorry, Josie. I
wouldn’t have dragged you into the mess without my inadequacy. I will think of a way to repay the

“It’s one billion. How are you going to repay it?”

“I asked my father to lend me some money before the mess occurred.”

Josie understood that it must have been a significant sum.

“So your father…”

You Two Look Quite Well-Matched When Walking Together

“Is very angry.” Wyatt smiled bitterly.

“Did you look for….,” Josic asked tentatively, “Dexter?”

“I’m too embarrassed to look for Mr. Russell. He entrusted the team to me, but I messed everything
up,” Wyatt said.

Josie understood half the situation. So Wyatt still didn’t know who the mastermind behind the scenes
was. Dexter had caused much trouble.

She was out of a job now, so she could help him a little. It was somewhat related to her, so she had to
take responsibility.

“Josie, I’ll be going to ask for financing soon. Can you come with me to a social engagement tonight?
But of course, I’ll ask Mr. Russell in advance,” Wyatt added.

“You don’t have to tell him. I’ll come with you.” Josie’s expression didn’t change, and she lied. “He
agreed for me to help you regarding this.”

After she said that, Wyatt wasn’t worried.

The social engagement was at Mandarin Oriental.

But Josie never thought that Summer would be the person to greet them.

“You’re here?” Summer was in a long, white dress as usual. Her dress swayed when she walked, and
she looked very dignified. She smiled and said, “You two look quite well-matched when walking

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