That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 381

In Debt

Dexter left the office first. Mr. Shaw pulled Arnold’s sleeve and warned him. “We’ll talk about this next
time. Be careful what you say and how you act around him!”

Arnold didn’t answer. He adjusted his sleeve disdainfully.

In the private elevator, both men had imposing demeanors. Arnold had a dark expression, and he tried
to regain control.

“You’re so ruthless against your wife, Dexter. A debt of one billion. It will destroy her.”

Dexter had a cold smile. “The market is always moving. I can’t go easy on her, even if she’s my wife.
Furthermore, wasn’t this caused by you taking the initiative, Arnold?”

His voice was cold and sarcastic.

The media went mad.

The central business district was filled with reporters. They wouldn’t give up unless they got a picture of
the high-level executive’s dejected expression.

Josie stayed in the office. She drew the curtains and cut herself off from the rest of the world.

She couldn’t panic. She had to calm down and think about what had gone wrong. Even if she couldn’t
solve it, it was good to reflect on it deeply.

Just as Dexter had said, she was foolish in many ways. If this were a graded exam, she would have

The assistant sent a message. Up to this time, Wyatt was in a debt of two billion.

Josie went to see Dexter in the end.

Three hours before the market commenced trading the next day, she finally opened the tightly shut
office door before the sun rose. Josie looked into Wyatt’s worried eyes and nodded lightly to express
that she was alright. After that, she walked to one side and dialed a familiar number.

At that moment, the office floor was lit. No one could sleep. They stared at the stifling numbers on the
computer and pondered how they should deal with it a few hours later.

They finally saw Josie. Her frail figure seemed extremely weak, but her appearance unexpectedly
encouraged them.

The other party seemed to have been waiting for her call. It rang shortly before the call was answered.
It was silence on the other end.

Josie stared at her pale reflection in the glass and slowly said, “I want to see you

The other party said sternly, “Half an hour. Russell Group.”

Wyatt’s office wasn’t far from Russell Group, and the latter wasn’t as brightly lit as the former. Russell
Group’s employees were much more relaxed. No one was working overtime at Russell Group, and the
building was pitch dark. Josie’s neck was sore from looking up at the facility. She seemed to see
scattered lights on the highest floor.

It was too high up. He was too far away.

Even his secretary wasn’t around at such a time.

Dexter sat in his office, and LED screens showed the surveillance monitors. He narrowed his eyes as
he watched the petite woman enter his private elevator. It rose slowly. He couldn’t see her expression,
but he had a good idea.

She must have been biting her lower lip and looking extremely reluctant.

Just as he had expected.

The door with the smart sensor opened slowly. Dexter slowly looked up, and astonishment streaked
across his face.

Josie’s eyes were bloodshot, and she seemed unbelievably haggard.

Josie didn’t greet him. She sat across from him, and her gaze was indifferent. “State your conditions.”

He didn’t move. He looked at Josie carefully and taunted her. “Are you pleading with me so brazenly?”

Josie glared ferociously at the man and tried to restrain herself. But she couldn’t help but gnaw on her
lips. “Dexter Russell!”

He suddenly roared, “Stop!”

She was startled. It was a while before she understood what Dexter meant. She slowly stopped biting
her lips.

After that, there was an intense silence between the two.

A bottle of whiskey was on his desk, and his transparent glass was half full. His ashtray was empty.

He hadn’t smoked, but alcoholic fumes surrounded him.

There were even alcohol fumes in the air. Josie was slightly intoxicated just by breathing it in.

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