That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 389


Summer’s expression changed. Her gaze met with Wyatt’s, and he immediately went forward. “Mr.
Olsen, we have reached the final stages of technology development for this project. Once it passes all
the necessary tests, it will become the leader in the industry.”

Mark spread his hands. “Even if I believe you, how do you have the nerve to make such a solemn vow
and show it to me without a definite result?”

Wyatt had an awful expression, and Summer immediately cried, “Father!”

Mark sighed, and his tone softened. “I’ve heard of your ability, and your talent is rare, but you’re too
young. You’re not as experienced yet. You should learn from your cousin.”

Wyatt’s expression darkened when Mark said it, and even Josie’s heart sank. Under such a
circumstance, Wyatt would be upset regardless of who had made such a comparison.

“You’re right, Mr. Olsen. This is valuable advice. I will amend the proposal later. I hope we can meet
again.” Wyatt was dignified and restrained.

Mark nodded, satisfied. When he got up to leave, he added, “Send my regards to your father.”

Wyatt nodded.

Summer left with Mark to another private room. That was his primary social engagement.

Wyatt fell on the couch and seemed defeated. He smiled bitterly, “Josie, will I never be as good as Mr.

“Of course not. Mark is right. You’re still young, and you haven’t experienced much. You’ll be like
Dexter when you’ve gone through what he has.” Josie comforted him kindly.

Josie had a poor impression of Wyatt when she first met him. She had felt that he was a respectable
yet devious man. But now, he appeared pure and innocent. When comparing Dexter and Wyatt, the
former seemed less upright.

“Don’t feel disheartened. I’m going to the washroom.”

Josie left the private room and went to the washroom to reapply her lipstick. During this time, a figure
appeared behind her. It was Summer. “Tell Wyatt not to think about this anymore. Tell him to go home
and enjoy his life.”

Summer didn’t have a breathtaking appearance. She looked like a quintessential good girl, but her
ladylike temperament made her seem dignified.

“Excuse me for asking, but since that’s the case, why don’t you enjoy your life, Ms. Olsen?”

Summer stared at her. “I’m the only successor of the Olsen family. I can’t enjoy my life even if I want to,
but it’s different for Wyatt.”

Summer’s perpetual condescension was irritating.

Josie closed her lipstick when Summer reached out to stop her. “Aren’t you prepared to work hard?
One billion is a big sum.”

Josie stood still. “Are you going to help me, Ms. Olsen?

“Of course. We’re allies, aren’t we?”

Summer handed Josie the gift bag in her hands. “There’s an outfit inside. Change into it and look for
my father.

Josie didn’t take it from her. “Why?”

“You look like someone I knew.” Summer sized Josie up meaningfully. “But you can’t go to him in such


It wasn’t a revealing outfit. It was just a long, light-green dress. After changing into it, Josie looked like a
girl next door, seeming pure and gentle. It fit her just right.

Josie felt slightly apprehensive. She didn’t know if she should believe what Summer had said. But this
was her only way out since she couldn’t do anything else. It was futile to count on Dexter.

She took a tray from a waiter, opened the private room door, and walked in. It wasn’t as dazzling and
depraved as she had expected. It smelled of alcohol and cigarettes. The big shots were imposing as
they talked business at the poker table. They turned when they heard a noise.

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