That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 386

Buying Medicine for Him

She suddenly resisted violently, and Dexter was caught off guard. As she was kicking frantically, she hit
him in the abdomen. He groaned in pain, and Josie freed herself from his grip. She recklessly picked
up the table lamp on the bedside table and raised it, wanting to smash it on his head.


He hit the lamp away with his backhand, which shattered against the wall.

The partition wall fell apart, and the shattered glass from the table lamp rebounded on them. Dexter’s
gaze froze, and he carefully protected Josie with his hand against the glass fragments that were about
to fall on her face.

A drop of fresh blood fell on her face.

It burned.

Josie’s heart beat fiercely. She saw nothing but bright red amidst the chaos. What came after was dead

The man reached out to wipe the blood from her face, Josie came to her senses at his warm touch and
pushed him away viciously. She got out of bed, and Dexter fell. He only managed to maintain his
balance when he supported himself with both hands on the floor covered in glass shards…

He hung his head and stopped chasing after her. He clenched his fists silently while the glass remnants
pierced his hands. Blood fell on the floor in big drops. It was a shocking scene.

Josie’s eyes widened. She knew he was hard on himself, but didn’t it hurt….

At that moment, she suddenly realized that there was no way that this man, who could kill her, would
be tenderhearted toward her. He thought he had a tough life and wanted everyone to perish in an
inferno with him.

He was always his own hero…

Josie adjusted her nightgown slowly and looked at him for a while before she slammed the door.

She left.

Dexter gave up all thoughts of chasing after her. As he hung his head, his feelings were
incomprehensible. His black hair drooped, and the dim light made the invincible man seem miserable.

She left without hesitation in the end.

He tried to get up and clean the place, but he couldn’t move at all.

He was slightly tired.

At this time, a wave of regret washed over him. Should I not have been so ruthless? I should have let
her be as long as she stays by my side.

So what if I keep her by my side when she’s so listless? This isn’t the person I like.

He suddenly heard footsteps. It sounded like hers.

pair of beautiful legs.

He saw Josie, who had returned.

stood among the glass shards. As Dexter slowly looked up, he saw a

She towered above him and looked down at him coldly. Her hair, which he had tied up for her, had
become messy and seemed slightly comical.

She was holding a bag weakly.

Dexter’s eyes lit up. At that moment, he suddenly forgot what the two had argued about, his grudges,
and the pain he was feeling inside.

Josie panted ruggedly, and her expression was stiff. There was no other emotion on her face.

He slowly opened the bag.

Gauze, cotton swabs, painkillers, aspirin…

The still night was silent.

She crouched down and bandaged his wound. She was focused and stared intently at his bloody
hands as various emotions surged in her heart.

He looked at what she was doing, and his cold gaze was directed elsewhere…

He thought of how resistant she was… and how tenderhearted she was now…

“Get lost.”

A cold voice suddenly crept into her ears. It swept past her ears like a chilly winter breeze.

Josie was cold from going out in a nightgown at night, and her fingers were white from the icy weather.
When she heard what he said, she froze while holding the gauze. She looked up at the temperamental
man, astonished.

Dexter’s gaze slowly met hers. “Did you hear me?”

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