That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 379

You’re Vicious

Her ears buzzed when she looked at the numbers that had fallen dramatically. She opened her mouth
in a daze. “How much did each stock lose?”

Such a brutal bolt from the blue threw everyone off their feet.

Wyatt said, “Continue buying

Josie gritted her teeth. She said reluctantly, “But we…. have no funds left.”

They couldn’t do anything to retaliate…

Wyatt shook his head in disbelief. “No. Didn’t they say it’s only two billion?!”

They quickly realized that last week’s closely-fought battle on the market was only a smoke screen…..
There was a shell company on the surface, and another company was secretly buying stocks before
short-selling it today….

They were deceived….

The funds they had purchased were far more than two billion…

Josie was no longer in the mood to think about whether Alice had tricked her or if someone had taken
advantage of Alice.

She had been dealt a heavy blow. It hurt, but it sobered her up.

Someone rushed in and said to Wyatt, “Let’s liquidate… If we delay………”

If they dumped their stocks now, outsiders would take advantage and buy them cheaply. After that, if
there were no position in the market with the shares they had, Wyatt wouldn’t even be able to file for

No matter what, Wyatt had lost the battle in the financial world.

Not only Wyatt but also Josie.

Someone had deceived her and taught her a lesson. It was like a slap in her face.

Josie’s personal cell phone rang at this time. She was startled. It was an unknown caller. She slowly
answered the call.

The buzzing in her ear continued, but the man’s cold voice was distinct. “How do you feel?”

“It was you.” Josie was expressionless, but it was what she had expected. Her knuckles turned white
as she held her cell phone. “You’re despicable.”

“You’re naïve.” Dexter snorted coldly and ruthlessly. It was as though he was disciplining a rebellious
teenager. “Didn’t Arnold teach you? When I started the tug of war with you in the market, you should
have guessed it wasn’t as simple as a hostile takeover, but you poured in all your capital. That was

His straightforward yet taunting words swirled in her mind. Josie shut her eyes forcefully and slowly
crouched down. She tried hard to calm her breathing.

She was a joke to him.

You’re Vicious

Someone stormed into the office and suddenly said, “Stop buying. Liquidate!”

Wyatt glanced at him and signaled for him to leave. After that, Wyatt walked to Josie and wrinkled his
brows as he made a suggestion. “Is there a way for Arnold to continue giving us…”

Before he finished his sentence, the voice in Josie’s cell phone was fired up. His voice was cold and
dangerous. “You must not know I’m now playing chess with Eileen Shaw’s father from Laxir.”

Their last hope was gone.

Josie already knew what she and Arnold had to face in the future other than today’s terrible situation.

She chewed on her fingernails and gritted her teeth as she said coldly, “You’re vicious.”

After a minute, Dexter’s emotionless voice was heard. “Not as vicious as you, Josie Warren.”

She was dumbfounded.

“If you understood me better and didn’t look for Arnold, or if you stopped thinking of escaping, such a
thing wouldn’t have happened today.”

“If you had accepted my flowers or even hesitated to glance at them, you would have realized that my
detailed plans of what I would do to Carter Group were written on the card in the flowers. If you looked
at it, you could have turned the tide.”

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