That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 392

Know Your Place

Dexter filled Mark’s wineglass and said, “I heard Sum say that your lower back isn’t doing too well
recently. I’ve made an appointment for you with Wavery’s best doctor. Go for physiotherapy when
you’re free.”

“Don’t bother. It’s a recurring issue,” Mark said, “it seems like you’re close with Sum recently.”

“She’s in charge of the Russell Group research project in Vaste. We have business dealings,” Dexter
answered calmly. It didn’t sound strange.

Mark understood. “I will advise her.”

After they dispersed, Dexter left the hotel. He sent Mark to the car and instructed the driver to drive

Mark sat in the backseat and looked past Dexter to look at Josie. “Come here.”

Dexter stepped back darkly while Josie went forward. She said with a smile, “Mr. Olsen.”

“To be honest with you, I was astonished when I saw the news.” Mark didn’t avoid it at all.

Josie’s smile froze. “I think you’ve misunderstood.”

“I won’t let Sum wreck your marriage, providing you don’t hurt her. But if she insists, I will help her as
her father. Ms. Warren, I’m advising you nicely to know your place.”

This was a warning.

Josie’s expression didn’t change. “Mr. Olsen, Ms. Olsen’s feelings are unrequited.”

There was finally a trace of surprise on Mark’s calm face for the first time that night. “Sum?”

Josie nodded. She straightened up, backed away, and the driver started the engine before driving away
with Mark.

Under such a circumstance, she had no other choice. She could only follow Dexter.

It was peak hour, and the roads were filled with cars. The traffic was terrible. No matter how good
Dexter’s car was, it couldn’t fly. He was powerless as his car was stuck in traffic. It couldn’t move..

The air in the car was tense.

Josie sat in a corner and held on to a water bottle tightly as she texted Wyatt. She told him to leave and
that the matter was settled.

Surprised, he asked her how she did it, but Josie stopped replying.

Moses was driving today. He sensed that the air was strange, so he made conversation to alleviate the


“The traffic in Wavery is almost like in the city. Do they want to retain millions of college graduates with
such traffic? How absurd.”

Josie’s grip loosened, and her wattle bottle fell to Moses feet. He didn’t dare to crouch down and pick it
up. She was silent. On the other end, Dexter had an awful expression. He didn’t say a word. His


demeanor made the temperature drop. Josie didn’t understand why he was angry. Shouldn’t he be
happy to

see me in such a state now?

“I didn’t know you were coming to Mandarin Oriental today. I didn’t do it on purpose.” She finally said

Dexter looked at her coldly.

“I hadn’t planned on going to Mandarin Oriental today.” His intention was clear. He had gone there for


Josie pursed her lips. “So, are you satisfied now that you’ve seen me?” Is he satisfied after seeing me
in such a predicament?

“Did you harass me for a life like this?” Dexter suppressed his rage. “You’re pretty good at acting like a
tyrant at home, but you’re meek and civil in public. Do you know who Mark Olsen is? He can easily
destroy you with the flick of his wrist.”

She felt his rage and didn’t move.

Josie’s mind was still replaying what Mark had said to her.

Mark had humiliated her, so Dexter’s words didn’t affect her.

She didn’t retort or say anything. After a moment, she said, “Are you done?”

Dexter raised his brows.

Josie nodded. “That’s right. This is my life now. I don’t have the right to resist at all.”

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