That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 393

We Won’t Have Many More Arguments

His frown deepened.

“Furthermore, his humiliation is only a tenth of how you’ve humiliated me, Mr. Russell.”

There was something else she didn’t say aloud.

I’m in such a situation thanks to you. You’re an indifferent bully. You have no right to reprimand me.

Dexter ran his tongue over his teeth and stared at her outfit. “Who gave you this dress?”

Josie had yet to realize the severity of the matter, and she continued infuriating him. “Does it look
good? Do you think that I look like your so–called late friend too? I like it.”

“Josie Warren,” Dexter said in a low voice.

She raised her brows. “In any case, I didn’t do anything shameful. I’m not afraid. Unlike some people

“With what?” He put one hand against the car door and grabbed his hair.

Josie saw his sudden halfhearted expression and abruptly felt her heart race. Her lips parted, and she
didn’t hold back. “With an unrestrained private life.”

After she said it, Dexter turned. After a moment, he spoke calmly and enunciated each word. “Say that

Josie realized she had said something wrong and didn’t say anything else. Dexter sneered and said
indifferently, “Let us both not overstep boundaries.”

It was as though she was enlightened.

The restlessness in Dexter suddenly rose. At that moment, he slowly came to his senses. The two
were playing games, and they felt suspicious and jealous of each other. Neither of them trusted each

He said something nasty. “I look at other women, and you look at other men. We just reunite
occasionally. Isn’t this great? Perhaps we’ll spend the latter part of our lives together. So what if this life
ends? Don’t I treat you well enough? You can’t push your luck when I’m being so kind to you.”

Even if he was right, he spoke coldly.

Josie held her cell phone tightly, and her hands felt icy. Her heart also felt cold.

The air suddenly turned frosty.

Their conversation ended.

The traffic up ahead cleared, and Moses drove forward. The vehicle sped ahead quickly. Josie
fastened her seat belt and didn’t say anything.

After a moment, Dexter realized Josie didn’t continue speaking, and the rage in his heart increased.

The car suddenly stopped at the entrance of Mason Garden with a screech. Dexter turned to look at
Josie. “You’re pretty brave.”


“You’re wrong. Mr. Russell. I lack nothing but courage.

Otherwise, why would I abandon my self–esteem again and again after being with you?

“Am I wrong? What was wrong with what I said? Why do I have to be on the receiving end of your
anger for no reason? Sometimes I really want to ask. If you were the one who suggested setting this
relationship up in the first place, why am I treated like a criminal now?”

After that, Dexter grabbed Josie’s face and sneered. “Do you regret it?”

“Yes.” She looked at him.

Dexter nodded. “It’s a shame that the one billion hasn’t been repaid. Don’t think of leaving my side if
you don’t want the people around you to be hurt.”

The love that used to exist between them was now used to threaten and take advantage of each other.

Josie shook his hands away viciously. She opened the car door and exited before she walked into
Mason Garden. Mrs. Carroll saw her and said, “Mrs. Russell, did you argue with Mr. Russell again?”

Again… Josie scoffed. If this continues. “We won’t have that many more arguments.”

In the car, Dexter leaned back and shut his eyes. Moses couldn’t help but say, “Why didn’t you explain
it to her?”

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