That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 394

Paul Wakes Up

“Explain what?”

“To tell her, of course, that you initially had an important engagement today, but you left everything
behind and rushed over when you found out she was with Mark,” Moses said emotionally. “Even I can
tell that you lost a lot tonight.”

With the project, Arnold could spontaneously recover since Dexter had abandoned it. It was a massive

to Dexter.

But what did it matter? Dexter massaged his temples. “She won’t care. She will think that I deserve it.”

Moses couldn’t help but smile. “Actually, you love her a lot, right?”

“Love?” Dexter thought about it.

He didn’t stay in Mason Garden tonight, so Josie slept on the big, empty bed. She awoke in the middle
of the night and reached out beside her, but it was cold. She sighed deeply in the night. At this time, her
cell phone on the bedside table rang.

She was startled, and she looked at the caller ID. She was astonished that it was Matthew. She sat up,
and her heart clenched tightly. “Matt.”

She heard hurried gasps on the other end. Matthew couldn’t say anything for a while because he was
so emotional.

With one hand on her chest, Josie waited until she heard him say, “Your father is awake.”

In an instant, her body burned up. She wanted to say something but couldn’t say a word. She raised
her head, and tears fell on her cheeks. The four long years of waiting had been worth it.

She took a deep breath. “I’ll come right away.”

When she got out of bed, she realized her legs felt weak. She fell into a sitting position on the floor. She
envied Summer for having a supportive father when she saw Mark yesterday. Her father was still lying
in the hospital, where his survival was unknown. She had felt a substantial disparity.

But things were different now. Josie’s father had awoken… Her father was back!


Josie stumbled down the stairs, and it woke Mrs. Carroll, Mrs. Carroll put on a coat and came out of her
room. “What’s wrong, Mrs. Russell?”

Before Josie could answer, she opened a drawer and randomly took a pair of ear keys. “I have to leave

“Now?! It’s too late. I’ll call the driver to come and send you.”

But the driver needed some time to come over. Josie shook her head and quickly walked to the garage.
“I can go alone.”

A dazzling lineup of Dexter’s cars was in the garage, and most had rarely been driven. Josie looked for
the connected car to the car keys she took before driving away from Mason Garden. Mrs. Carroll’s
worried figure became smaller in the rearview mirror.


She lowered the car window and felt the cold breeze to stay awake.

She would no longer be controlled if her father awoke.

The hospital was empty late at night. Josie ran to the hospital room but didn’t dare to enter when she
was at the door. Her heart beat hurriedly, and she stood on tiptoe to look into the room through the
window. At that moment, tubes were still connected to Paul as he leaned back in his bed and spoke to

He seemed to be in a much better mental state.

He was really awake…

Josie opened the hospital room door and looked at the scene in disbelief.

“… Dad.”

The two looked at her when they heard a noise.

Paul sized Josie up, and his eyes were filled with hot tears, which gradually blurred his vision.

Josie walked forward, and Paul had a smile on his face. “Didn’t Matthew tell you not to rush?”

She turned a deaf ear and walked to Paul’s side. Her tears fell uncontrollably, and she hit him gently,
She sounded exceedingly grieved. “You slept for so long, old man!”

Paul grabbed her hands and seemed to be in disbelief. “Are you… Jo?”

Josie cried harder. “You can’t even recognize me!”

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