That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 396 Residual Effects

She still felt it was unreal before she slept. “Pop, am I dreaming?”

Paul stroked her head. “Don’t worry. Go to sleep. I’ll be around tomorrow.”

Perhaps it was because she slept by her dad’s side. It was rare for Josie to sleep so soundly.

next day, she saw her dad leaning against his bed. He was awake. She smiled and said, “Good
morning, Pop.”

Paul also smiled. Such ordinary days were rare for the father and daughter.

Matthew came to inspect Paul with the nurses and was satisfied with Paul’s signs. Matthew told Josic,
“It’s a miracle that Mr. Warren woke up. He just needs to recuperate and rest well after this. Everything
is fine.”

Josie was overjoyed, and she thanked him sincerely. “Matt, thank you for the past four years.”

After the two had talked things through the last time, Matthew could only restrain his adoration for her.
He forced a smile. “It’s what I should do. I hope that you won’t feel burdened from today onward.”

Josie pulled him to one side and asked softly, “Aren’t there any residual effects after he was in a coma
for four years?”

Matthew was silent as he pondered. He was honest. “His memory might be poor.”

“Is it severe? He looks good now.”

“Not very. Mr. Warren might not remember very well memories from long ago. You can help to jog his
memory.” Matthew explained.

Josie didn’t quite understand but said, “I’ll see what I can do.”

After Paul awoke, it alerted many of his old friends. They immediately came with gifts, and Josie was
pushed to the corner as she watched them in exasperation.

She thought about it and called the man. The call went through, but no one answered.

Josie called again, and it was answered this time. “Dex.

I’m Summer.” The other party was honest. “Dex and I are in a meeting, and his cell phone is with me.
Why are you looking for him?”

With the tone Summer used, it was as though she was Dexter’s wife.

It was an honest explanation, but Josie could feel their closeness upon closer inspection. Summer
must have been someone important to keep Dexter’s personal cell phone.

Josie choked. “I understand. May I trouble you to pass a message to him to call me? I have something
urgent to tell him.“

She was just about to hang up when Summer asked, “What is it?”

“… Family matters.”

“Oh. Just remember what I said.” After that, Summer hung up.

Josie leaned against the wall and watched Paul surrounded by people. For a moment, she had
complex feelings.

She was in the hospital the whole day today. Wyatt called her and thanked her for conquering Mark. “If
he’s willing to invest money, funding won’t be too big a problem once the project is in operation.”

Josie was a lot more relieved. “That’s good. By the way, can you help me with something. Wyatt?”

“Of course. Tell me.”

“Help me… look for a house.”

“House? Are you…

“Yes, for a long-term stay. It would be best if it’s suitable for older people to live and recuperate in. It
can’t be too far from the city center either, Josie continued, “help me look for one. I’ll pay you once you
find a suitable one.”

She still had money that she had saved up. She could rent a house.

Paul wouldn’t stay too long in the hospital in his condition. He had to stay in a proper place. It would be
impossible to return to the Warren family.

“Don’t be so polite. Leave it to me. I’ll arrange for it within two days.”

She was satisfied by that.

When Jenny heard that Paul had awoken, she insisted on rushing to the hospital. Josie’s bodyguards
asked Josie for instructions, and Josie said, “Let her try, but don’t let her in.”

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