That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 385

Etched with His Name

Josie knew she couldn’t escape him, so she started berating and swearing at him. After a while, she
looked up bravely when she didn’t hear any response from him. She was met with the man’s quiet and
solemn expression.

She was enraged by him, and she was livid. She had utterly forgotten all the manners he had taught
her over the past year with some difficulty.

Josie knew she had lost all self-control, but it didn’t elicit his response. Josie was dejected and
mumbled softly. “You really have the nerve to appear in front of me. Aren’t you afraid I hid a knife on

She was capable of doing such a thing.

Dexter composed himself. At the next moment, he leaped on her and loosened her belt. “Don’t get
angry. It’s not good to go to bed angry.”

Josie dodged him in surprise and avoided his kiss.

The man suppressed his strength and leaned back slightly as he quietly observed how the woman
struggled even when in desperate straits.

She was like a bee that had fallen into the water and was trying her best to flutter and climb ashore, but
her wings were getting heavier as they were soaked by the water… She could no longer fly… In the
end, she would just give up.

He was doing the same thing with Wyatt.

As a tyrant in the business world, it was easy for him to acquire a company. This woman had tried
everything to redeem it, but what was the result?

He liked seeing the energy slowly die out in others.

Like right now.

The woman had no strength left to struggle.

She looked at him boldly. “If you dare touch me today, I’ll have a knife on me tomorrow!”

“Oh?” Dexter’s warm kiss landed precisely on her pink lips. “Try me.”

She stopped struggling, and she felt cold. She didn’t know if she was feeling disappointed.

This feeling brought out hidden malice in Dexter’s heart. He suddenly held her face, and his eyes were
filled with hatred. “Did you do it with Arnold!


Josie’s expression froze. After a long time, the corners of her lips twitched. “What did you say?”

His hands lingered on her body, and all he smelled was the alcohol fumes on her. His emotions
haunted him late at night, and he knew he couldn’t retract certain things if he said them.

“That one billion. Where did it come from if you didn’t pay a price?”

Josie understood. After a moment, she sneered. “… So that’s how you think of me.”

Her heart sank.

Why do I feel this way? I should stoop to his level and taunt him, but why is it so hard to hear such a


Dexter’s hands paused. She quickly composed herself when he looked at her and answered him
calmly. “I think it’s worth it. One billion for only one night. As you know,


Dexter’s grip tightened, and his gaze was furious. He wanted to strangle her.

ell, it was worth

Josie retorted with a smile, “Aren’t you the same? How many women have you ow few years? Let’s
drop the formalities. We either lead our separate lives, or we should divorce!”

She had removed her ring from her finger. Her bare fingers showed that she was free!

Dexter was livid. “Divorce? Dream on. Over my dead body!”

He suddenly pulled down her nightgown, and his fingers stopped on her graceful body. “Do you think
you’re good enough for Arnold?”

“Here, here, and here!”

“My name is etched on you!”

He jabbed his fingers into her body, and Josie couldn’t help but groan. After that, a tear slid out of the
corner of her eye. She was humiliated.

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