That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 378


The meals were still sent on time but without flowers.

Josie had a few consecutive meetings. She discussed with Wyatt and overseas leaders the list of
employees to lay off. The company’s articles of association were also amended, which gave them more
protection from the reverse takeover.

They thought the reverse takeover meeting went well, but no one expected that Wyatt’s stocks would
hit the limit down price the next day. Josie quickly sensed something unusual after learning for the past
few days. “Check if the overseas company dumped their stocks.”

Her colleagues quickly confirmed her theory.

After pondering calmly, Josie guessed that Dexter didn’t know she had one billion as assistance from
Arnold. If Arnold didn’t tell Dexter about it… she had a loophole.

They were short-selling.

She immediately informed Wyatt’s trader. “Keep an eye on the stock market. We will buy as many
stocks as the overseas company dumps.”

The trader was hesitant to go up against them so forcefully. “Are you sure?”

She had no way out.

The overseas company and Wyatt kept selling and buying shares for the next few days. The stock
market was steady, and it also instilled confidence in most of the stock investors. When the stock
market closed this week, the overseas company had dumped five billion in stocks. They shorted all of
Wyatt’s outstanding shares. Although he was in heavy debt, he had won the battle.

Wyatt’s team stared at the exact numbers and breathed a sigh of relief. Someone hit the table, and the
entire office was fired up.

Josie looked at the rising and falling numbers on the computer screen. They had salvaged the
situation. The worry she had in her heart disappeared.

Thankfully. Thankfully they didn’t know Josie had one billion from Arnold. She had managed to defeat

But Wyatt sent over a stack of report forms and seemed to have much on his mind. “If the stocks
continue to fall when the market opens next week, we will lose everything.”

Josie looked up. “They don’t have any funds left, and the market is stable. How can it fall?”

Wyatt still felt uneasy, but he nodded. “I hope so.”

Josie sensed his worry. She had complicated feelings and joked, “You’ll treat us to a meal next week if
everything goes well, right, Mr. Wyatt?”

Someone in the office immediately exclaimed. “I second that!”

Wyatt smiled. “Of course.”

The stock market was calm the following week. Economists’ predictions failed, and the overseas
company was silent. They were under much suspicion.

Wyatt finally calmed down and told his team to choose a restaurant. Josie smiled. “I won’t join you. I’m
going to meet Arnold and personally thank him.”

Arnold also received the news and looked for her on his own accord. “Don’t celebrate yet. Wait for it to

Josie didn’t care. Before she could refute it, she was suddenly interrupted by Wyatt’s call. She said,
“I’m going to take this. It’s from the company.”

When she answered the call, Wyatt’s tense voice was heard. “It’s over… The stocks suddenly fell… We

They were in a crisis now, and his voice trembled.

Josie suddenly froze and stood on the spot. Her eyes widened. “What did you say?”

The Russell Group building stood tall and mighty behind her, but it was as though the building would.
collapse at the next second.

It was a capitalistic dream.

Josie frantically rushed to the office and was met with Wyatt’s defeated gaze. “We really crashed.”

It was as though Josie had been hit. She felt slightly dizzy. She was unprepared for such a situation.

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