That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 382


Josie undoubtedly caved under such silence.

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She broke the silence with a strained voice. “So your true purpose wasn’t Carter Group. It was Wyatt.”

Dexter was playing with his wineglass with his bony hands. “Once Yanis’ process was done, it was only
natural to recover the value.”

He had deliberately let go and given Wyatt authority but wouldn’t let Wyatt truly occupy the market. He
had tormented Wyatt to reclaim the power.

Josie took a deep breath. “Wyatt’s company can’t go on the market, and he agreed to allow the
overseas company… no, to let Russell Group into the board of directors. We will let you into the
general shareholders’ meeting, but you can’t touch his position. His position must be safe.”

Dexter was raising his glass to his lips, and he paused. The corners of his lips twitched, and he said
contemptuously, “When the market opens tomorrow, the stock prices will continue to drop. The shares
he owns will become a worthless sheet of paper. What leverage do you have to make demands?”

After that, he finished his drink.

The strong alcohol went down his throat violently.

Josie’s hands by her side clenched tightly. He had really pushed them into a corner.

She took a deep breath and suddenly raised her head. Her bitter gaze turned into a firm one. She
restrained her voice from trembling. “I’m not discussing this with you on behalf of Wyatt.”

The man raised his brows slightly. He didn’t expect what she would say next. “I’m sitting here as your

Dexter’s heart stopped. He was momentarily taken aback.

“I’m begging you to let them go.”

From Josie’s strong demeanor, he never thought she would suddenly arm-twist him. She pulled the rug
from under him…

She looked down and felt extremely humiliated. She hadn’t wanted to use such a way to plead with

But if she didn’t… She didn’t know how ruthless the man would be.

Of course, she wasn’t confident Dexter would be moved because of what she said.

What will he say? Will he say that work and personal matters can’t be intertwined? Or will he ridicule
me for being naive again?

Josie was prepared, but she never thought the man would put the wineglass down. It made a sound in
the quiet room. He said indifferently. “Since Wyatt has given up other seats, I can allow him to stay on
the board. The brands under his banner will still be cohesive. I promise they won’t be torn apart and
relocated to other companies.”

The light cast a dim shadow on the man’s face. Even his side profile was handsome.

She had successfully pulled the rug from under him.

This was Dexter’s most significant concession.

She was still silent. Dexter stared at the haggard woman, and his hardened heart suddenly softened.
His throat rumbled.

Josie said, “I need time to think about it.”

Dexter glanced at his watch and said. “The market is opening in two hours. You can go in and rest.”

Rest in his break room.

She had been there many times.

Josie turned him down firmly. She walked out of his office and called Wyatt.

She told him the situation, and he didn’t say anything for a long time. He suddenly said, “Josie, I was


Josie shut her eyes.

“It doesn’t matter… Do as you wish.”

Wyatt had yielded. This was the reality. Life went on. He had to do anything to survive if he didn’t want
to be eliminated from the rat race.

Arnold could no longer give them more funds because he could barely fend for himself. With the
current situation as a precedent, other venture capital investment companies couldn’t help them out.
Wyatt experienced the hypocrisy of the world in the past few days.

Josie always thought she could be an equal rival to Dexter, but she never expected to be at the end of
her road at such an early stage.

She returned coldly to the harsh office, and her expression was indifferent. “I will arrange for a contract
to be written. We can sign it before the market opens for trading.”

In the end, they were defeated by Russell Group.

What the man had done in this trade war could be considered a master class.

When she was turning to leave, the man behind her called out to her. “Wait a moment!”

Josie suddenly stopped. Her legs were slightly weak from being in heels for so long.

Dexter stood up slowly and walked to her one step at a time. The closer he got, the more she shivered.

His lips brushed her ears. “Remember to come back for dinner tonight, Mrs. Russell.”

Josie restrained herself from slapping him.

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