That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 390

It’s No Wonder He Was So Bold Despite All Odds

Josie’s bright outfit was a breath of fresh air among the dull crowd.

Everyone watched as she carefully walked to Mark’s side and poured a glass of wine for him. “Here’s
your drink, Mr. Olsen.“

Her fingers were slender, and her hair fell when she bent down to pour him wine. She was very
seductive, and everyone else looked on curiously. They thought her attempt was futile because Mark
wouldn’t be deceived.

But surprisingly, Mark was lost in thought as he stared at her face. The corners of his mouth were
tense, and his eyes seemed to twitch.

“It’s you?”

Josie feigned ignorance. “Have we met, Mr. Olsen?”

Perhaps Mark could see clearly because this private room had better light. But he scarcely realized that
Josie wasn’t confident. She didn’t know who she looked like and why Summer was so sure. Meanwhile,
Mark was, indeed, stirred.

“Stay.” Mark picked up the wineglass and sipped it. His expression was ambiguous.

Everyone else admired the woman. She was more than she seemed.

“It’s your turn, Mr. Olsen,” someone said as they read the room.

Mark sized up the cards and asked Josie, “What do you think?”

“Me?” Josie laughed lightly. “I don’t know how to play.”

“You can decide. It’s on me if I lose. Mark had an imposing demeanor when he said it.

Josie looked at his cards and chose to play the Jack of Hearts. Everyone laughed when they saw it.
“Mr. Olsen, we must kindly accept your offering today.”

Mark wasn’t angry. He smiled as he pushed his casino tokens out.

Josie sensed something wrong and said softly, “I’m sorry, Mr. Olsen.“

“No harm. Have a seat.”

When the game ended, everyone was smart and started a new game in another corner. Only Mark and
Josie were left. She didn’t dare to sit down and hurriedly said, “Mr. Olsen, if I may be so bold, I followed
you because I hope you can reconsider Wyatt’s project. I’ve looked at it, and it’s a sure bet. It’s a good

Mark was playing with the wineglass in his hand, and his eyes never left her face. His lingering gaze
made her feel uncomfortable.

He finally spoke after a long time. “Were you the one that got into the accident with Sum at the

He knows. Josie nodded. “Yes.”

“No wonder.” Mark suddenly realized and laughed lightly. “It’s no wonder Dexter was so bold despite all


Despite All Odds

At this time, Josie said, “Mr. Russell did it for Ms. Olsen. It had nothing to do with me. You’ve
misunderstood, Mr. Olsen.

As Summer’s father, he should have been happy that Josie said such a thing about his daughter.

“No.” Mark lifted his hands. “He did it for you. You deserve it.”

Such sudden affirmation made Josie freeze. She didn’t understand what Mark meant and poured him
another glass of wine. She was trying to figure out who she looked like.

Is it Leanne? But her age when she had gone missing doesn’t tally with Mark.

“You were also involved when Russell and Carter Groups faced off against each other.” Mark quickly
guessed why the dispute had occurred, and Josie didn’t know how to answer.

“It was a fight between two great companies. I’m a nobody.”

“Whose side are you on?”

Mark asked her a tricky question. Josie had no way to lie as he observed her. She thought of a middle
ground. I’m an insignificant person. I’m naturally on the stronger side. Wyatt was clearly sacrificed in
the fight between the two big shots, so I’m willing to fight for him.”

“You’re quite transparent. Mark had a satisfied smile. He sighed softly and said, “Tell him I’ll invest in
the project.

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