That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 397

His Feelings

Paul had learned of Jenny’s actions in the past four years. He told Josie, “I’ll divorce her once I

His son was nowhere to be seen before his bed. Furthermore, Josie wasn’t his biological daughter, but
she still cared for him faithfully for four years. Her devotion to him was evident. It would be disgraceful
of him if he didn’t believe her.

Furthermore, his relationship with Jenny had long fizzled out.

In the evening. Dexter called Josie back. When her cell phone rang, she was eating with her dad. He
glanced at her phone and said, “You can answer it.”

Josie got up. Dexter must have been in a long meeting because his voice was hoarse. “What is it?”

Josie was dumbstruck. She wanted to say something but couldn’t. She had complicated feelings. “I’ll
be waiting for you at Mason Garden tonight around ten. Can you come back for a while?”

He was silent and only agreed after a moment.

Josie didn’t stay overnight at the hospital tonight. She left early and loitered nearby before ultimately
going to Heaven on Earth.

Calvin personally greeted her. “What’s wrong?”

Josie hugged her knees and sat on the couch. Her long hair fell and covered half her face. She
watched as Calvin personally poured her a cup of tea, and the mist slowly rose from its warmth. She
said honestly, “I don’t know how to face our path in the future. I had no other way, so I came to look for

She didn’t know why. She had been enduring it for a year but suddenly didn’t want to hold on any

Calvin nodded. As someone on the inside, he knew everything better than anyone else.

It was because she cared enough.

A smile was on the corners of Calvin’s lips. He said, Josic, do you think Dexter has no feelings for

“Isn’t it obvious? Have you seen anyone who is so merciless to the woman they like? He’s indecisive
between me and her, and he just let me take on the debt of one billion.”

Calvin smiled. “If that’s what you think, you should get one thing straight before you get confused. You
don’t actually understand Dexter.”

Josie furrowed her brows tightly. She didn’t understand what he meant.

“I don’t dare to say how much I understand you, but I know Dexter well enough… Furthermore, you’re
at the end of the road. If you don’t hold on to him, it goes without saying how difficult it will be from now


“Let me tell you a story. You know that Dexter has a unique identity. Even while he was overseas, many
secretly wanted him. In war, finding someone’s soft spot is the best strategy. Back then, everyone
thought his soft spot was Summer, and a gang kidnapped her to threaten Dexter. Guess what he did.
He was incredibly calm and didn’t spend any money. He ignored the other party’s threat of killing the
hostage and saved Summer by himself. But of course, I’m not telling you that she’s unimportant to him.
In reality, she’s not important enough.”

“From what I can remember, Dexter has always been synonymous with being calm and indifferent. But
recently, when he stayed here for a few days, he went nuts when fooling around. Although that was the
case, he didn’t touch any woman. I can see that something has changed in him. Don’t doubt me. I have
no need to lie to you.”

Calvin picked up a teacup and handed it to Josie, smiling nonchalantly.

“When did this happen?” Josie didn’t know about it.

“While you were recovering. It was also when Dexter’s rumors with Summer were widely reported.”

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