That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 398

He’s Not Back

“Think about it carefully. Has Dexter ever given you a chance while entangled with other people? He
wasn’t the only reason you must take up the debt of one billion

Josie felt it was a lot to process, and she looked at Calvin in a daze. She subconsciously retorted, “He
said our marriage is purely business.”

“Don’t listen to him. Look at how you feel.”

At ten at night in Mason Garden.

“Mrs. Russell, Mr. Russell isn’t… at home today, a servant said to Josie respectfully and apologetically.

The confidence she had from Calvin’s conversation vanished at once. Josie had imagined Dexter’s
reactions when he saw her, whether he would look at her coldly or contemptuously. She was ready for
all of it. But he didn’t even return in the end!

Josie kepta calm demeanor. “Do you know where he went?”

I don’t.

Josie hesitated for a moment. She couldn’t do anything else. She entered the master bedroom and
waited for Dexter’s return there. It was already ten o’clock. If he hadn’t returned, what was he doing?

There was no change in the master bedroom’s layout. His strong scent was in the air. Her heart raced

time she breathed in. It made her long for him.


The bed was messy. Josie clearly remembered that it was neat before she left.

The door to the balcony was open. When Josie walked out, she smelled a strong odor of cigarettes.
Josie frowned out of habit. She disliked such a smell.

She composed herself and realized that the ashtray on the table was filled with cigarette butts. Some
were extinguished halfway through. The room was silent, and Josie’s heart trembled. She heard
nothing but the


Dexter didn’t return in the end. She didn’t like feeling cold, so she shriveled in bed, only taking up a


When Josie opened her eyes again, what enveloped her was still the silent darkness. It was ice cold.
She found her cold cell phone in bed. She turned on the screen, and the time showed that it was three
in the morning

He had yet to return.

Josie’s drowsiness instantly disappeared. She forcefully sat up and slowly bent her legs. She hugged
her knees and suddenly felt very defeated and upset. Look you overestimated yourself.

She stayed in that position for a long time until she heard the sudden click of the door opening. She
looked up abruptly like a deer in headlights Unimaginable thoughts played out in her mind, and her
guard was up.

In the pitch-dark room, Josie heard careless footsteps from the direction of the bathroom. They walked
to the bed, carrying a familiar shower scent. She only heard her heart beating loudly and clearly like a

The other party walked to the bed and stopped in front of her.

Josie felt his burning gaze on her. It was hard to bear.

After a while, the other party finally moved. He suddenly crouched down and reached out both hands
as though wanting to hug her. His arms passed through her trembling figure, and she held her breath
as she


He leaned closer and turned on a nightlight on the bedside table behind her.

There was suddenly light.

Everything came into vision, and Josie widened her eyes in a daze as she looked at what was
happening before her. The man was as handsome as usual. At that moment, his face was mere inches
away from hers. He was crouched down, kneeling next to her on one knee. Only a towel was around
his waist, and she could see everything else. His body was still wet after his shower, and his eyes were
eerily bright.

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