That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 383

Owing A Favor

Dexter didn’t personally sign the contract. The supposed leader from the overseas company was scht

When Josie faced Wyatt’s team, she saw how disappointed they were and felt upset. She forced a
smile and consoled them. “Don’t worry. We will still have opportunities in the future.”

She looked at Wyatt again. He hadn’t shown up for a few days. Even though there was a solution to
their problem, he must have felt bad too.

What else could they do?

“What a close call. How tragic,” Laura said on the phone to Josie as she looked at the news on the

The articles were poorly written. Some ridiculed Wyatt’s company for being small, so it wasn’t a pity to
be acquired.

Some media took photos of Josie’s side profile as she left under the protection of others. It didn’t make
many waves because no one knew who she was. When Dexter’s secretary saw it, she quickly
instructed the public relations team to take it down.

Josie had a splitting headache and didn’t want to say a word.

Laura followed the situation and didn’t think it was a big deal. She laughed lightly as she asked, “Did
you cheat on Dexter to make him like this?”

Emotions finally stirred in Josie. “I cheated? Have you not seen his rumored partners?”

“Oh, that’s right.”

Josie wanted to hang up.

Laura sensed Josie was in a bad mood and stopped teasing her. “Don’t worry. When I can finally use
the Olsen family’s power one day, I’ll help you make a comeback.”

Laura was vowing solemnly, and Josie couldn’t help but laugh. She couldn’t bear to tease Laura.
“Alright. I’ll wait for you to rescue me.”

“But since we’re talking about it, where does the Olsen family’s power lie?”

“You know who your enemy is but don’t know your enemy’s power,” Laura told Josie that her family’s
debt was immediately cleared after she married Zach. The family had substantial financial resources
and had been rich for generations. “Wavery’s most valuable ports and land areas belong to the Olsen

Josie understood. Russell had previously told her the Russell family owned a lot of land in Wavery. The
Olsen family must have owned half of what remained.

Laura didn’t tell Josie certain things because she feared Josie would be angry.

She didn’t understand the business world, but she knew that if Josie revealed it to the media and
admitted to being Mrs. Russell, it would be payback to Dexter. Then, regardless of the response,
Arnold would have the opportunity to catch a breath. Perhaps he could even…. overcome the malicious

But Laura didn’t do so. Even when Dexter suggested it to Josie, she didn’t want him to make their
marriage public.

It seemed like Josie had decided not to let the outside world know she was connected to him.

Josie didn’t contact Arnold. He sent her a message of his own accord. You don’t have to contact me for
the time being. I will deal with it.

He didn’t mention the one billion at all…

She made a mental note. Not only did she owe Arnold money, but she also owed him a huge favor.

She didn’t return to Mason Garden.

Even if she wanted to return, she couldn’t do it now. Even if she failed, she couldn’t let Dexter see her
as a joke.

Heaven on Earth was as lively as usual. No matter what was happening outside, it could be forgotten in
Heaven on Earth. Everyone could just indulge in worldly pleasures.

Josie kept drinking. It was as though she felt nothing and desperately wanted to get drunk.

It attracted Calvin’s attention.

He frowned when he looked at her. “What happened? Did Dex bully you?”

Josie put down her glass heavily and pointed with her finger. She wanted to say something but couldn’t
say a word.

Calvin guessed that she wanted to swear.

He couldn’t convince her, so he wondered if he should call Dexter.

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