That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 399

His Softer Side

He had a silent yet imposing demeanor. Josie’s anxiety peaked at this moment, and everything she had
prepared to say suddenly vanished.

It was too abrupt. Josie didn’t know how to react for å moment.

You’re back, Josie said softly when she came to her senses slightly.

But at the next moment, the man exerted force and pounced on her. He forcefully pushed her down.
beneath him, and Josie gasped lightly. Her hands pushed against his firm and muscular chest.

The man’s gaze was slightly thoughtful. He buried her head in her neck and finally said, “When did you


Josie’s heart was still beating furiously. “Don’t you know?”

“Were you planning to keep waiting like this if I didn’t return today?”

His warm breath sprayed into her delicate ear. It itched slightly.

“I said I would wait for you….

Dexter stirred slightly.

“My engagement was too long, and I was held up,” he explained to her.

He thought of how the servant on duty told him when he returned to the villa not long ago that Josie
had been waiting for him for a long time.

When he opened the master bedroom’s door, the woman was shriveled up on the bed and had fallen
asleep. She was sleeping quietly and soundly and only took up a small part of the corner. Her black
hair was spread out, and her pale face was slightly flushed.

It was as though Dexter’s restless heart had suddenly found its home the moment he saw her. He
wanted. to wake the woman, but he stopped. He backed away and sat at one side, silently sizing her
up with a dim light.

She seemed to have dreamed of something, and her chest suddenly heaved. She was mumbling and
saying something softly.

He leaned closer to hear and was astonished. Josie was saying, “Dexter…”

He understood her thoughts.

Josie had an air of arrogance, but she wasn’t stubborn. She was good at giving in and knew how to
solve her problems. She didn’t have outstanding abilities, but she was good at moving others in small

It’s enough. Dexter thought to himself as he pushed her down.

She showed her softer side by taking this step toward him, which hit his soft spot. At such a stage, he
didn’t hesitate.

His kisses landed on her lips one after another before moving to her shoulders and neck. He quickly
warmed her up, and she started to feel hot. He familiarly undid her clothes. Josie didn’t understand
him. She restrained herself and cried, “I have something to say…

But she scarcely realized that her soft cries aroused his desires.

Dexter’s hand paused for a split second and only a split second. He was fired up again. “Keep it to
yourself. I can’t guarantee I’ll show mercy after you tell me.”

In other words, he meant, don’t speak if you don’t want to be tormented tonight.

Josie wasn’t stubborn. She knew his ways, and she stopped resisting.

The sound of her clothes ripping brought Josie back to her senses. She suddenly thought of
something, and her eyes widened. Dexter moved faster than her and sat up a little. He looked down,
sized up her outfit amid the chaos, and smiled faintly. “Josie Warren, you dressed in such a way to talk
to such a dangerous man like me?”

He said the last two words in a higher pitch.

Josie only wore black silk shorts, and nothing was concealed. Under the dim amber light, the woman’s
porcelain skin was tantalizing. Anything close fitting roused him.

It invoked his emotions, his desires, and his heart.

Josie’s face flushed a crimson red. She knew she had nowhere to escape, so she gave up and turned
her head away as a sign of silent resistance.

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