That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 388


Her intent was malicious. Wyatt smiled courteously and awkwardly. “Josie is loyal and agreed to come
with me.

“She’s loyal.” Summer glanced at Josie with an incomprehensible expression. “Am I not loyal? My dad
has been waiting for you for a long time.”

When Wyatt heard it, his footsteps quickened. “How could I make Mr. Olsen wait for me? Let’s head
in.” Summer and Josie looked at each other before Summer answered, “Let’s go.”

Before entering the private room, Summer walked with Josie and said in a low voice, “Was the one
billion from Arnold?”

Josie wrinkled her brows. She couldn’t ignore the question. “Sort of.”

Summer looked at Josie strangely, as though she thought it was unimaginable. “I can’t bear to see him
in trouble. Don’t involve him in this.”

Josie found it peculiar. “You’re very kind to someone you don’t love, Ms. Olsen.

She suddenly understood why Summer had captivated Arnold for so many years. It must have been
because Summer often played hard to get.

Summer snorted coldly and meaningfully.

Her father, Mark Olsen, had a social engagement at Mandarin Oriental today. Wyatt seemed to have
found an opportunity at the last minute and only had twenty minutes to talk to Mark.

Summer opened the door and said sweetly, “Father. Wyatt is here.”

Josie followed behind Wyatt, and she looked up through the dim light. She searched the crowd and
looked at the seat of honor, which sat a poised and earnest middle-aged man. Although he looked
aged, she could tell he was experienced through his demeanor alone.

A smile was in the corners of his lips, and his gaze was shrewd. His eyes were kind yet perceptive.

Mark glanced at Wyatt before his gaze quickly fell on Josie. He had an awful expression.

It was as though Josie was electrocuted. She frowned. She was sure she had never met Mark, but for
some reason, he looked familiar, as if she had previously met him,

“Mr. Olsen, this is a little something from me. Thank you for this opportunity.” Wyatt had gone forward
to greet Mark. Wyatt had always been good at socializing.

Mark talked to Wyatt politely. Other times, he spoke softly to his daughter by his side. It seemed like he
loved Summer a lot.

“I know who you are. You’re Dexter’s cousin. You look quite young.”

“Yes. I graduated from college this year.”

“Sum told me you want to discuss a project?”

Dexter signaled for Josie to bring the information forward. “This is one of the projects we’re currently

pursuing. It has the potential to develop, and the due diligence has been done. It will be a strong
contender in an uninhabited market.”

Mark flipped through the information. They didn’t know how much he had absorbed, but his finger
suddenly stopped on a page. “I think this name has appeared in the recent prominent merger and
acquisition. Josie Warren?”

Josie, who had been standing and listening at the side, immediately looked up and forced a smile at
Mark. “I’m Josie Warren, Mr. Olsen.”

She couldn’t say, that’s right. I singlehandedly destroyed the project.

Mark narrowed his eyes and looked closely at her with the light. “You’re pretty capable.”

She smiled. “You’re too kind.”

You must be skillful enough that Carter Group gave up one billion.”

Josie’s smile froze. It seemed like the entire upper social circle in Wavery knew that she had messed
up a massive project, and Arnold had chipped in one billion for her.

Summer laughed out loud. “Father, I’ve researched Wyatt’s project. They’re developing new technology
and can dominate ninety percent of the market’s shares if it succeeds. I think it’s worth investing in

Mark closed the information and threw it lightly on a table. He looked very authoritative. “Don’t show
me. projects without a hundred percent certainty. You may leave.”

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