That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 404

Returning A Favor

“Since it’s a formality, you can see if he cares for you. Jo, I know you, and I know what he must do to
give you a sense of security.” Paul pulled her arm. “Is there an ulterior motive?”

No matter what, Josie couldn’t be honest. “No… We’ll do it later. He’s busy recently.”

If Summer saw them having a wedding, she would want to kill Josie.

This was no longer concerning just the two of them. It was a power struggle.

Josie received news from Arnold one week later. He told her that his wedding with Eileen was
canceled, and the debt of one billion was repaid.

Josie didn’t know how he had done it.

“I heard that you’re now free?” Arnold’s voice sounded relaxed on the phone.

Josie quickly understood what he meant. “I’m not in a rush to work.”

“Help me do something since I saved you once.”

Josie was dumbstruck.

He wanted her to help Carter Group close a project. There was competitive bidding on a new area in

“Don’t worry. I’m not Russell Group’s competitor this time,” Arnold said half–teasingly, but he was

Josie was relieved. Ultimately, she asked, “How did you save Carter Group?”

“Dexter and I have information on each other.” Arnold avoided her question. His voice was cold. “Josie,
he can never completely defeat me. No matter how many times he tries, neither side will win.”

His animosity was apparent. Josie thought of his father and didn’t ask further.

She stayed up late daily to work to prepare the tender document for him because of the favor she owed

Dexter didn’t ask much when he saw her suddenly getting busy. She wasn’t sure if he knew that Carter
Group was participating in the competitive bidding. Still, she didn’t plan to say anything before he

After a few days, Dexter returned to Mason Garden at eleven at night. He looked for her in the master
bedroom and the study room but didn’t see Josie.

He asked the servants, “Is Josie back yet?”

“Not yet. Maybe she’s still with her father.”

Just as Dexter was about to drive out to look for her, Mason Garden’s doors were opened. Josie was
back with a pile of documents.

Her first reaction was to frown when she saw him. After that, she recalled that he seemed to have
called her at noon and told her he would return to Mason Garden tonight.

She was so busy that she forgot.

He was still in a suit, so he must not have returned too long ago.

Josie opened her mouth, but before she could say anything, she lost control of the documents in her
hands, and they fell to the floor.

The man’s hands appeared in her view. Dexter crouched down and helped pick up her documents
before pulling her up. “Why did you bring work home?”

Josie was slightly nervous. “… I’ve been a little busy recently.”

Dexter didn’t push, and she quickly finished her work.

Josie tried her best to focus on work! When she finished the last word, a steaming plate of lasagna was

beside her.

When she looked up, she saw Dexter’s commanding gaze. “Finish it.”

A servant poured a glass of water for Josie.

Dexter watched her eat. Perhaps she was famished. Her cheeks puffed up like a chipmunk, and her
eyes were/bright.

A subtle smile was in the corners of the man’s mouth.

Such a harmonious air was unreal to both of them. It was as though nothing had happened, and they
were just an ordinary couple.

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