That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 403

Divorce Agreement

This went without saying.

But they were husband and wife. Could Josie say such a thing? She couldn’t answer.

The two were silent, and it weighed on their emotions.

“I was just asking. Don’t take it to heart.” In the end, Dexter reached out to pat her head.

To Josie, it felt like he was coaxing a puppy.

He knew Josie had requested Wyatt to look for a house, so he said, “Since you’ve asked him for help,
you don’t have to torment yourself. I will pay him. You don’t have to worry.” He paused. “This includes
your dad’s follow–up/treatment and rehabilitation. Someone will take over.”

Josie leaned against the wall as she listened to him. She looked at him thoughtfully. “Mr: Russell, is this
the benefit of confessing my feelings?”

Dexter looked slightly displeased. “These are Mrs. Russell’s privileges.”

“Oh, privileges. But, of course, not everyone can take up a debt of one billion,” Josie said peculiarly,
Dexter held her waist. It was a threat. “Russell Group will help Wyatt’s project from the inside. Cashflow
will resume within a month. It won’t take too long to repay the debt of one billion.”

Josie’s eyes lit up. After she was honest with him last night, he seemed to be different. At this time, she
understood what Calvin had said. I must think about my future.

The following day, the IT department came to justify their work. Dexter overruled almost everything they
said. He was in a foul mood, and they were asking for trouble because they had the nerve to present

items of poor quality for Dexter to look over.

His secretary silently sympathized with her colleagues as she stood behind Dexter. They couldn’t avoid
working overtime for at least one week.

Dexter chased them out and sipped his coffee. His temper didn’t seem to have dissipated.

His secretary gripped the documents in her hands tightly. She felt like crying, but she braced herself
instead. “Mr. Russell, this is the divorce agreement you instructed me to draft. There are two copies.”

The secretary was sure that this document… was the cause of Dexter’s bad mood. His expression was
icy. But this was a divorce agreement…

“Stop guessing. Josie is still Mrs. Russell.” Dexter suddenly looked down and glared.

The secretary hung her head and didn’t think about it further. “I understand.”

Dexter signed his name with much force. It looked unsightly on the paper.

“Send them to the hospital.” Dexter recited an address. “Don’t let anyone see this.”

He threw the other copy into a drawer in his office.

Dexter generously added other privileges to the agreement besides the reasonable conditions Paul had


If they divorced, he would give three percent of the shares under his name to Josie, including the
Mason Garden property, a few villas overseas, and the farm.

It was worth a lot.

The countless zeros showed how well he was treating her.

He was repaying her sincere feelings.

After leaving her job at Russell Group, Josie had been helping Wyatt. It wasn’t easy for her to settle
down, and she wasn’t in a rush to look for a new job. She spent her time with Paul.

After some difficulty, he was discharged, and Josie arranged a house for him. She kept him company
as he recuperated every day. Dexter visited him several times but didn’t stay long because he was

Paul thought of something and brought up Old Mr. Russell. “Now that I’ve recovered slightly, is it time to
put your wedding back on the agenda?”

Josie was surprised and avoided his inquiring gaze. “We haven’t talked about this with Grandpa yet.
Pop, we’ve been married for over a year. We don’t care about such formalities. It’s fine.

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