That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 402

Asking for Their Divorce

Dexter answered in a well-behaved manner, “She’s a Russell Group employee, and I fell for her at first

“Which part of her attracted you?”

“You don’t seem very confident in your daughter, Mr. Warren.

“You don’t have an ordinary identity,” Paul said calmly. Although he was in a coma for four years, he
was a good judge of character. Nothing Dexter did was ordinary. Paul wouldn’t believe it if nothing else
was involved in the marriage.

“Jo is now Mrs. Russell. I will protect her thoroughly, whether among the society or the internal Russell
family. Please don’t worry.”

“What about everything else?”


“What if I want you to divorce Jo? Can you do it?”

Dexter raised the corner of his eye slightly. He was a little surprised. He seemed to understand who
Josie inherited her temper from.

“Is something wrong with me?” He guessed it was because of his identity, and Paul feared his daughter
would feel wronged.

“You’re the business executor of Russell Group. You can have any woman you want. Jo is gullible. As
her father, I have to think about her future.

His words were filled with distrust and doubt.

Dexter adjusted Paul’s IV. He guessed that Paul must have seen the tabloids, so he said indifferently,
I’m afraid not.

“What do you mean?” Paul was vigilant.

Dexter sat down. It was as though he was in a negotiation. “I didn’t sign any prenuptial agreement with
her. She will suffer much hardship if we separate someday.”

“She is now Mrs. Russell and lives a great life. My grandfather treats her well, and there’s no reason to
get a divorce.”

“I don’t want to get into unnecessary details about our relationship. I’ve fulfilled my duty by coming to
visit you today. It’s my responsibility. As I said, I will treat Jo well.”

This was genuine.

A man was convincing another man and requesting to take care of his daughter.

Paul slowly calmed down. It seemed like he knew he couldn’t reverse a desperate situation, so he shut
his eyes and kept quiet.

Dexter waited patiently.

Paul finally spoke after a long time. His voice trembled slightly. “I want you to sign a divorce agreement
with your name on it, then give it to me for safekeeping.”

Dexter’s expression changed.

Paul was trying to gain the upper hand on Dexter after awakening from his coma.

Dexter froze for a moment, and his brows instantly furrowed.

But Dexter quickly composed himself. He had a cold and complicated expression.

Paul smiled, and he looked like a kind, older man. “I just want a safeguard for my daughter. Is it too
much to ask, Mr. Russell?”

Dexter’s gaze was dangerous. He tried to regain control. “If I don’t want to, what will you do?”

Paul didn’t panic. He didn’t see much in this young man, but he could see that Dexter cared for Josie.

“Then I’m afraid there will be a barrier between you and Jo because of me.”

Dexter quickly weighed the pros and cons mentally. Perhaps he was already at a disadvantage in some


Dexter left the hospital room half an hour later.

Josie immediately looked up. “What did my dad say to you?”

Dexter wrapped his arms around her delicate waist tightly. Indistinct yet visible resentment was on his
face. He said, “He just asked about work.”

“What did you say?”

Dexter suddenly had a piercing gaze as he scrutinized Josie’s reaction.

She was worried and nervous.

Why is she nervous?

The man had a faint smile. “Josie, are you afraid that I’ll hurt your family?”

Josie was momentarily startled.

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