That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 411

Not Her House

After drinking too much, Josie seemed to have revealed her natural disposition. She looked terrified of

When he approached, Alice and the male colleague recognized him. They looked at each other and
were utterly stunned.

Why is Dexter Russell here?!

How is he related to Josie?!

“Mr… Mr…”

They couldn’t say his name.

Dexter didn’t look at them. He walked to Josie and picked her up.

Josie was initially conflicted, but she calmed down when she smelled the tobacco on him. It was as
though she had gone mad. She smiled and said, “Dexter!”

Dexter only looked at her from the start until the end. He silently patted her. “Why did you drink?”

Josie pursed her lips again, looking tearful like a child.

Dexter carried her out, and his secretary helped take her belongings. She thanked Alice and the male
colleague. “You must keep everything you saw today a secret.”

Dexter had been preoccupied with something important today. There was a trade war going on, and it
was turbulent both domestically and internationally. As the leading enterprise, he was naturally
affected. He still had to work a little, no matter what.

Therefore, he had been swamped for the past few days.

Josie messed

up his plans with a phone call.

Dexter had almost gone mad when he heard a man’s voice.

The woman in his arms was still squirming. For a moment, she didn’t seem drunk. She lay in his arms
and smiled when she looked up at him. She repeated, “Why are you here, Dexter?”

Dexter squeezed her cheeks hard. “How would you go home if I didn’t come?”

Josie suddenly got up and leaned close to him. She smelled of alcohol. “But you didn’t come

“I’m sorry. You can come to Russell Group to look for me next time.”

The rowdy woman suddenly quietened down. She thought of something, and her eyes were wet. She
waved her hands. “Never mind. You don’t belong to me.”

It wasn’t easy to deal with an inebriated woman. Dexter understood many people’s thoughts, but he
couldn’t understand the thoughts of a drunk woman.

When they returned to Mason Garden, she still muttered, “I want to go home,” while Dexter carried her
into the bathroom.

Dexter’s actions paused. He didn’t understand. “You’re home.”

“This isn’t my home.”

She had sobered up slightly.

Dexter’s thin lips parted. “So, where is your home? Is it Paul’s house?”

“That isn’t my home either. My home is where I have a mom and dad.”

This made Dexter pause. Confused, he looked at the spirited woman and sympathized with her.

“Dexter, I don’t have a mom and dad.”

Dexter was distressed. He found a large towel and wrapped her up like a baby before carrying her to
the bed. He kissed her eyes and was uncharacteristically gentle. “Good girl. Go to sleep, okay?”

He didn’t know Josie’s history. He only knew she hadn’t been happy living with her biological family.

Josie’s cheeks were still flushed because she had drunk a lot. She felt a void in her heart, and she was
desperate to fill it with something.

Therefore, she took off her towel and suddenly pounced on Dexter. She didn’t let him speak and
started kissing him.

She only dared to be so unrestrained because she knew he was Dexter.

Dexter initially didn’t want to touch Josie tonight, but she rarely initiated anything. He was quickly set
ablaze and couldn’t help but get excited. He still wasn’t sick of her after so long.

They spent a sensual night together.

Looking at the gasping woman, he unexpectedly felt slightly depraved and… satisfied.

In a brief met of conce licked his lips. Dester low has inty Warren, you know the consequences

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