That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 409

How Did You Offend a Superior?

Dexter’s secretary was waiting for him in the backseat of the car in the garage. After she finished
reporting about work to him, Moses stopped the vehicle by the side of the road, and Dexter shut his
eyes. He looked exhausted.

Before the secretary exited the vehicle, she said cautiously, “Mr. Russell, Mrs. Russell called me today.
She seems to have been looking for you.”

Dexter opened his eyes almost instantly. His gaze was ominous. “When was this?”

“At night.”

Dexter picked up his coat and looked for his personal cell phone. When he turned it on, he saw a few
unread messages.

His brows furrowed tightly. “What were the results of Carter Group’s competitive bidding?”

“As expected, they won.”

Dexter instructed Moses to drive to Paul’s house.

It was late, and all the lights were turned off. Dexter waited outside the house and didn’t go in. Under
the glow of the streetlight, he seemed dignified yet lonely.

Moses couldn’t help but ask, “Why don’t you explain it to her?”

“I missed the chance to. Anything I say after that is just an excuse.” Dexter massaged his temples and
sighed ever so subtly.

Josie was on the last train when her cell phone vibrated. It was a text from Dexter. I was too busy at
work and didn’t look at my cell phone.

After a while, she received another message. ‘Sleep well.

She turned off her screen. She knew Dexter was swamped and didn’t look at his cell phone. She
empathized with him, but their divide seemed to grow for some reason. However, they were clearly
trying hard to bridge the gap between them.

The following day, Josie received a call from Alice. “Jo, I heard the security guard say you came to
Russell Group last night but couldn’t go in. Why didn’t you call me? I could have helped you.”

Josie paused, and she felt unspeakably pained. “It wasn’t important. Thanks anyway.”

“Why are you so polite with me?” Alice sighed. “We haven’t met in a while. Do you want to have dinner

“… Sure,

When Josie arrived at the destination at night, she never imagined finding Alice and almost everyone
from the design department waiting for her.

She was slightly surprised when she saw the scene before her.

“What’s wrong? Did you forget us after not seeing us for a while?” Someone joked. “Or are you putting
on airs because you won first place?”

It was familiar banter. Josie couldn’t help but laugh. She suddenly felt choked up. “I’ll recognize you no
matter what.”

Everyone laughed.

They were at a pasta restaurant again. Eating hearty bowls of pasta in the summer was a perfect

Alice pulled Josie and said, “The design department’s head position is vacant and unattended.
Everyone missed you, so I asked if anyone wanted to join. I never thought everyone would come.”

They had worked together for so long. They had a camaraderie even if they had gone up against each

Josie felt choked up, and she opened a can of beer. She raised it and said to everyone, “Thank you for
remembering me, everyone. I was immature in the past and might have offended you while I was being
rash. I hope you can forgive me and not take it to heart

Someone quickly said, “Nonsense. We went overboard last time and always picked on you. We hope
you don’t take it to heart.”

“That’s right. Don’t say such things.”

“Let’s just forget it happened after this drink.

Everyone finished their drink silently.

After that, someone suggested, “Josie, why don’t you appeal to the higher level? Come back to Russell
Group. The design department can’t work without a head.”

Josie’s cheeks flushed, but her mind was sober. She couldn’t return to Russell Group.

“That’s right. How on earth did you offend a superior? Why were you suddenly terminated?”

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