That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 400

I’m Sorry

At the next moment, the man quickly removed her hands, and the desire in his eyes was unrestrained.
His changes were evident, and his warm body enveloped hers. His voice was gratingly hoarse. “You
enticed me, Josie,”

The two bodies that hadn’t come into contact with each other for a long time were familiarly intertwined
with boundless lust. They went all the way and spent a passionate night together.

What could men entice women with?

Their skills, good looks, and belongings.

Dexter happened to have all of the above.

When it ended, the sun had risen entirely outside. The woman’s hair was soaked under him. He
narrowed his eyes, and she looked pristine.

Dexter suddenly felt something scratch his chest. It itched. He leaned over and smiled brightly at her.
“Good morning.

Josie wanted to push him away but had no strength.

The man felt relaxed even though he had exerted more energy. He picked her up from the bed and
carried her into the bathroom.

Dexter gently placed Josie into the bathtub filled with warm water. As he washed her body in the water
with a towel, Josie couldn’t stand the pressure when he reached her bosom. She grabbed his hand and
said, “I have something to say.”

That’s right. Josie persevered as he conquered her forcefully because she was waiting to speak.

Dexter didn’t react. After a long time, he said thoughtfully, “Are you sure you want to tell me now?”

Josie froze and immediately let go of his hand. She said dully, “Yes.”

This time, Dexter didn’t stop her. He continued cleaning her and said indifferently, “Tell me.”

She almost couldn’t get the words out when faced with his headstrong attitude.

Calvin was right. Even if she didn’t think of herself, she had to think of her future.

She had to hold on to Dexter regardless of the reason.

She took a deep breath, and in a spurt of energy, she spoke extremely indifferently. “For so long, I kept
warning myself. You ruthlessly pushed me into the target of criticism and chose to sacrifice me. You
treated me poorly, and I wanted to note it down so I could slowly retaliate twofold… but… but I…”

She was being unintelligible, and it was hard to understand her. All her great words were useless at


Dexter didn’t stop. He stood behind her and gathered her hair before tying it into a bun. The marks of
his kisses appeared on the back of her neck.

He finally said, “But you can’t bear to. Am I right?”

Josie shivered slightly, and she felt that the water in the bathtub had suddenly become bone-chilling.
Calvin hadn’t lied to her. Dexter was brilliant, and he could see through anyone’s deepest emotions. He

was like an all-knowing mirror regarding certain things. But he didn’t expose Josie as a way of retaining
her dignity.

“Although I don’t think I did anything wrong this time, I want to apologize for standing on the opposite
end and creating trouble for you.” Her apology was sincere.

Various emotions surged in Dexter’s eyes. He carried her up and put a towel around her like a child.
Only her head was seen. Her big and wide eyes were looking at him apprehensively.

“I can’t believe you’re saying such things. Is it really you?”

“Also, Josie ignored him and continued, “my father woke up.”

As he was drying her hair, his actions stopped.

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