That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 410

Josie’s Husband

Alice observed Josie’s body language and saw that Josie was unwilling to talk, so she quickly stopped
the rest from asking. “Why are you so inquisitive? I’m sure she didn’t break the law.”

Josie smiled gratefully at Alice.

Amid the noise, Alice pulled Josie, “How has your life been recently? Isn’t your father in the hospital?
Do you have enough money?”

“My father woke up.” Josie was only happy when she talked about her father.

“That’s great.” Alice clinked glasses with Josie. She was happy for Josie. “What about your
husband…… Are you two alright?”

Josie sipped her wine, and her face was crimson red. She played dumb. “It’s the usual.”

At the end of the dinner, Josie was drunk.

Alice bid her colleagues farewell one by one as they left.

Josie lay on the table and spoke in an inebriated stupor. “I want to go home…”

Alice leaned closer. “What?”

It was as though Josie had suddenly suffered a great injustice. She started crying. I want to go home.”
“Go home?” But Alice didn’t know where Josie lived.

At this time, a male colleague had yet to leave. He walked to Josie and asked Alice, “Why don’t I send
her home?”

Alice thought about it and turned him down. She found Josie’s cell phone and looked at her call record.
She wanted to call Josie’s family but couldn’t find anyone to call.

She looked at Josie’s recent chat, and the person seemed to be Josie’s husband, so Alice could only
call the number.

The other party only answered after a while and didn’t say anything.

Alice stuttered. Hello… Is this Josie’s husband?”

At the same time, Josie was mumbling, and the male colleague asked, “Are you okay, Josie?”

Josie sounded terrible. Her voice was soft, and she clearly seemed drunk. The man on the other end of
the call heard everything.

Alice received the man’s directions and sat waiting at the spot.

But the male colleague didn’t understand why Alice didn’t want to leave. He said innocently. “I drove. I
can drive you home.”

Alice felt awkward and could only say, “It’s alright. Nothing will happen with me around. You should go
home. It’s late.”

The male colleague was uncertain. He looked down at Josie, and when he was just about to leave,

sobered up slightly. She looked up. “I can continue drinking. I’m not drunk!”

The other two were flabbergasted.

Josie’s face was flushed, and she spoke incoherently. She was really drunk.

It was too late for Alice to regret it. She would have stopped Josie from drinking so much if she had
known. She consoled Josie, “We’re leaving soon. Stop-drinking, okay?”

Josie shook her head.

The male colleague was amused, and he crouched down before Josie. This was his first time seeing
her lose self-control. Although he knew she was outgoing, she was usually reserved in front of others.
He never thought she would be like this after drinking.

The male colleague deliberately teased her. “Josie, who am I?”

“… Dex… Arnold?” Her vision was blurry.

“Arnold?” He didn’t understand. “Are you saying that I look like Arnold Carter?”

Josie blinked and thought about it. “No…”

Her gaze suddenly drifted. She saw something, and her face crumpled. She suddenly started crying.

Alice was surprised and followed her gaze.

A tall and handsome figure stood impressively at the door. He wasn’t that much older, and he had a
terrible expression. His gaze was weathered yet cold.

He looked familiar, but he seemed out of place. He shouldn’t have been in such a place.

Alice’s eyes widened, and she gasped softly.

After Dexter arrived and pushed the doors open, he saw an awful scene when he looked up. Josie
looked unspeakably upset.

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