That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 412

Abandon Everything for Her

It was a reminder that she should not overstep her boundaries.

Josie knew everything, but she feigned ignorance. She let drowsiness overcome her and closed her
eyes to fall asleep.

Russell Group was in a precarious situation. The ongoing trade disputes among the higher- ups
adversely affected all businesses below. Unfortunately, none of the disputing parties showed signs of

Therefore, Dexter had his hands full dealing with this matter.

The matter was an inevitable source of headache for any owner of a major corporation. They would be
the first to be dragged into any crisis of such level.

When the news program ended at seven thirty in the evening, it was only seven thirty in the morning
overseas. The matter worsened and spread for two hours until the oversea stock market reopened at
nine-thirty in the morning, resulting in a severe drop in stock values in and out of the country. It was
worse than everyone expected.

The crisis continued to spread at an unstoppable scale,

Reporters from various media showed up at Russell Group’s doorstep. Some blew the crisis out of
proportion, while others waited anxiously.

Dexter had a press conference last night but canceled it after receiving a phone call from Josie. He left
immediately to go to her.

The reporters waited stubbornly in the meeting room all night.

Meanwhile, a petite woman dressed in office attire looked calm as she sat in a corner. Her name was
Summer Olsen. Like the other reporters around her, she was busy typing into a laptop to spread
information to the outside world.

Summer had worked overnight, so it was understandable that she was tired. She rubbed her temple
and took a brief break when someone came over and said, “I wonder what urgent matter Mr. Russell is
dealing with that he dared to cancel on so many people.”

Summer smiled but did not respond. She knew Dexter hardly cared about many matters, so reporters
did not bother him. Moreover, he likely would not care much even if such a severe crisis broke out in
the business world.

Russell Group’s staff brought food and bottled water to the reporters, expressing their sincere
apologies about the situation.

However, their boss probably did not share the same sentiment.

Summer was pondering when a sudden disturbance appeared ahead. “Mr. Russell is here!”

She looked up.

Dexter walked in, looking dashing in his black suit. His expression seemed kind yet somewhat
indifferent. He nodded apologetically to the crowd, “Everyone, please settle down. The press
conference shall begin soon.”

His sense of authority did not diminish one bit.

He answered every question concerning the trade war and Russell Group’s stance perfectly. No one
could find any fault with the answers.

Then, his assistant named the next person to ask questions. “Summer Olsen from Vaste.”

Dexter did not show any reaction. He glanced from the corner of his eye at a young woman in the back
row. She stood up and behaved professionally. “I have a question, Mr. Russell. What will you do if
foreign investors enforce compulsory measures and withdraw their technical support?”

Dexter’s gaze appeared far off and seemed to flicker briefly. However, his expression remained
unchanged. He answered calmly. “Russell Group does not lack talent.”

Those words were filled with confidence. It meant Russell Group did not fear what the enemies did.
Such a firm response assured many people

Otherwise, the fall of Russell Group would result in a chain of repercussions. They knew they would be
doomed along with it.

After the press conference ended, a group escorted Dexter and sent him off. Everything seemed to be
going well.

However, when Dexter left Russell Group in the evening, a young woman with a shoulder bag suddenly
blocked his car outside the building.

Moses stopped the car immediately and turned to Dexter. “Sir….”

Dexter closed his eyes for a brief rest. Hearing Moses, he instructed with his eyes closed, “Let her in.”

Summer soon sat in the backseat and smiled charmingly. “Dex, I knew you would take this road.”

“Why didn’t you call your driver to send you home?” Dexter did not open his eyes.

“I’m only an employee. How can I have a driver?” Josie pulled out a document from her bag. “This is
research on foreign investors. I think you will be interested.”

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