That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 405

I Can’t Afford Your Apology

He picked up one of her documents. When he looked at the first page, he raised his brows in surprise.

“Carter Group joined the competitive bidding for this project?”

Josie’s actions stopped, and she was slightly nervous. “I’m returning a favor… This is the last time.”

Dexter quickly skimmed through the document, and she didn’t know what he was thinking. “Aren’t you

“Arnold used almost two years‘ profit to survive this crisis. It’s hard for me to get angry.”

“It seems like you’re the final victor of this battle,” she teased him softly.

Dexter stared at her plump and fair side profile. He never thought that Arnold would give up the funds
in the end rather than go through a marriage of convenience. He was never someone who cared about
his own marriage.

He came to his senses and asked a few questions consecutively. “How confident are you? Can you
convince the executives to give Carter Group the project? Are you confident with the funds, the current
technological measures, or your designs?”

The outline of Dexter’s face looked sharp from Josie’s point of view. It was his usual shrewdness.

Josie paused. She knew he was intentionally giving her advice.

But in other words, he was undoubtedly saying that her tender document was rubbish…..

She fell silent. “Carter Group has its advantages. Regarding factory prospect planning, other
companies may not necessarily be the executives‘ best choice.”

Dexter subconsciously wanted to retort that Carter Group was full of problems, and they wouldn’t be
chosen in a fierce competition.

But his words were stuck in his throat. He restrained himself from saying anything else.

Josie rose since he didn’t answer her. She walked into the master bedroom and shut the bathroom
door hard.

Dexter examined the content of the tender document again. He smiled bitterly as he was reading it.

After all, she had worked hard on it.

Josie was upset with him for a long time. After her shower, she sat on the bed and amended the tender
document with a pencil. She circled and made notes on it, and its rustling noise sounded like she was
angry at him.

Dexter tried to coax her but to no avail. Ultimately, he suddenly reached out and took the document
away from her. He threw it on the table with a slight temper. “Stop looking at it.”

Josie glared and tried to snatch it away, but the man stopped her. She was in a temper, so she threw
the pencil in her hand.

The pencil flew past his ear with a slight breeze.

The man used his strength to push her down below him. He said in her ears, “I’m sorry.”

Josie was furious, and she wanted to destroy the man.

She said nothing, so Dexter repeated, “I’m sorry.”

He was the bigger person. It was moving to see him do such a mundane thing as he acted coy and
asked for forgiveness from his wife that he had angered.

Josie’s heart raced, and panic streaked across her eyes.

After a while, she hugged his waist and said nonchalantly, “You’re so amazing, Mr. Russell. I can’t
afford an apology from you.”

Dexter buried his head in her neck and smirked.

His arms hugged her waist and lingered. “I’ll help you edit this tender document.”

Carter Group’s competitive bid was one week later.

It was calm in the morning, and Josie awoke in the man’s warm embrace.

After that, the two didn’t talk much. They didn’t talk about work at all and only spoke about their
mundane everyday life.

She left early and had gone far away when Dexter called after her. He had a coat and carefully put it on
her. “It’s cold in the morning.”


He didn’t say anything else. He only said that.

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