That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 406

Don’t Disappoint Me

Josie put her hands into her pockets and smiled lightly. “I’m leaving.”

The man in a cotton shirt put his hands behind his back as he stood on the patio. He watched Josie’s
car drive further away, and his loving gaze disappeared when the car vanished from view. He became
the aloof Dexter Russell again.

He sat at the dining table and continued eating his unfinished breakfast calmly. He asked his secretary
on the phone, “What’s the schedule for this morning?”

“You have to participate in a meeting regarding the list of board members of the newly listed company
on the market under Russell Group. You must also find the time to meet the intellectual property rights

“Push everything to the afternoon.”


Carter Group’s competitive bidding was held in the morning on the tenth floor of a particular hotel.

Josie was attending on behalf of Carter Group. While waiting, she received a call.

It was from Summer. “I heard that your father woke up!”

News had spread fast. Josie kept calm. “I didn’t think you would be so concerned about my father, Ms.
Olsen. He did wake up.”

Summer seemed to be playing with something. Josie heard something knocking into each other on her
end. “News about Dex going to the hospital to visit your father was kept confidential. Are you afraid of

someone finding out?”

“Because Grandpa doesn’t know. If he does, he will rush us to have a wedding.” Josie ignored her
insinuations and justified the decision.

“Really? You’re very thoughtful.” Summer sneered. “But since your father is awake, you no longer have
to rely on Dex. Isn’t it the right time to free yourself? Don’t tell me you’re too attached and can’t leave
him, Ms. Warren.”

This made Josie freeze. She gripped the proposal tightly. After a moment, she said, “Guess where I am
right now, Ms. Olsen.”

Summer was dumbfounded and didn’t say anything.

“I’m at a competitive bidding on behalf of Carter Group.”

It clarified her relationship. She was helping Arnold and competing against Dexter. Summer was
intelligent and quickly understood.

“Don’t disappoint me. Otherwise, I might do something outrageous.”

Josie was in a cold sweat when the call ended.

Paul had woken up, but she didn’t dare to relax. Dexter was too fickle, Arnold was too siy, and Summer
was untrustworthy. None of them could guarantee her safety. She had to send Paul away from Wavery
before she could completely relax.

The tenth–floor meeting room was surrounded by French windows. As Dexter stood outside, he could
easily see Josie’s actions. He was pleased as he saw her go on stage confidently.

It was ordinary competitive bidding, and many were astonished that Mr. Russell from Russell Group
was there. No one expected it. A group of people were curious and wanted to watch him, so it caused a
ruckus. Dexter’s secretary stopped them. “Mr. Russell is busy. Please don’t leave a bad impression on

When it was Josie’s turn to speak, she walked on stage and handed in her tender document before
giving an account of Carter Group’s stand. She spoke eloquently and acted appropriately. Those who
didn’t know her would never suspect that she was,a newcomer in the workforce.

At this time, someone recognized Dexter and rushed to greet him. “Mr. Russell?”

Dexter raised his hand. “Ignore me. I was passing by and came to take a look.”

His secretary’s internal monologue was going wild. I think it was deliberate since you postponed all
your work for the morning.

“Do what you need to. Make sure you’re being fair and rational.” Dexter coughed lightly into his fist. At
this time, his personal cell phone rang.

It was from Mark.

Dexter had a bad premonition. He looked up at Josie before turning to look for a quiet spot.

The man returned to the meeting room and discussed with his colleagues behind closed doors.

Josie took the opportunity to come out for a breath of fresh air and inadvertently saw a figure that
resembled Dexter. She wanted to take another look, but it disappeared.

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